Honda hopes to resume UK car output on Monday after parts shortage

By Costas Pitas

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The salient point here is 'goods being stockpiled.' Johnson's fecklessness has created ridiculous uncertainty for industry going into the 5th Christmas after the Brexit vote.

Taking Back Control, my hat.

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Sunday we will hopefully get a “ decision “ made, one way or another by our “ leaders” from either side.

Pathetic. Not a back home in any of them. Politicians are not belonging to the vertebrates but classified under human because no animal species wants them.

The UK has made and is making historical mistakes

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It would seem that the shortage of parts is due to disruption caused by Convid-19, and not related to Brexit negotiations.

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If you push for a divorce why be surprised when your other half doesn't give in to your demands..

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This is primarily concerned with the pandemic and the just in time, supply chain business model.

When car manufactures use the Europe road infrastructure as a perverse form of mobile warehousing, then this pandemic has highlighted the failure to reform the model.

The effects this model has on air pollution, and the local environment is frankly unacceptable.


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Its also Brexit. A 30% increase on traffic due to stockpiling in anticipation of customs delays.

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The warnings that COVID-19 supply chain/just in time management were clearly risk assessed/hazard identified from numerous insurance companies in May. 2020.

Brexit, what a load of old cobblers, companies didn’t listen, or simply ignored their risk assessors.

Greed, trumps supply chain logistics capacity.  

Reckoning with supply-chain disruptions from COVID-19

COVID-19 is taking a toll on supply chains—from suppliers to end consumers. Survival depends on knowing how to navigate disruptions.

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Just In Time supply chains, where millions of dollars or production are on the line assuming that somehow the parts will just arrive on time, are like walking a tightrope without a safety net even in the best of times. But it keeps inventories low, so management is happy. It's just not designed for major shocks to the system like a Brexit, or a worldwide viral pandemic, or both at the same time.

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