Gov't to take bold steps to beat virus fallout: economy minister

By Daniel Leussink and Kaori Kaneko

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"We must take bold and unprecedented steps,"

How about trying tax cuts for a change instead of just giving more money to industry to hoard.

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Gov't to take bold steps

Bold steps? That means construction pork again, no? And what about these "cash payments to households"? What cash can the government pay me other than what took before in taxes?

Why I do not see anything about tax cuts in this article, if the government really wants to stimulate us?

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Tax cut or cash payout, effect is the same.

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Cash payout is more immediate though.

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If goons at the ministry would stop coming up with ideas on how to waste money, we might get a lower tax rate that will effect the overall economy

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I l'dmao as soon as I read that

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Why not just name the "shopping district in Tokyo" photo? It is clearly Omotesando in Harajuku, no?

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What does that say on the hand rail at the top of the stairs?

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Haaa NemuiToday  08:05 pm JST

What does that say on the hand rail at the top of the stairs?

”Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after touching the handrail.”

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They just don't know what those bold steps will be. Check back next year for an update.

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