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Renault reports first loss in a decade

By Gilles Guillaume and Sarah White

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All these car manufacturers live in denial. The reason why they all sell less is because the cars of today are pure crap compared to the cars of yesteryear.

it is impossible to distinguish a Renault from a BMW or a Hyundai. A Honda from a fiat or a Peugeot.

no character, no design, no beauty, just tin cans on wheels.

design and marketing are a joke.

make a nice car, and I ll buy it

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Makr car (far) less expensive in my country, and I may buy it.

Not goi'g to happen anytime soon.

Carlos has predicted a bleak future for the Alliance...

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Why does renault or the french gov*t need nissan ???. There are Toyota, Honda and Mazda , all better in management than nissan. It is a no wonder that renault is in red.

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