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UK offered Nissan Brexit assurances, 80 mil pounds for car investment

By Costas Pitas

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Ah, a little envelope shuffling.

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No deal governor

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I do hope Nissan have all their taxes in order for this hand out..

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A load of Japanese Nissan managers are breathing a secret sigh of relief that they won't have to live in Sunderland!

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The UK government made Nissan a promise it couldn't keep re access to the EU market despite Brexit. Naturally Nissan didn't feel obliged to keep its end of the bargain either when this became apparent.

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The original decision, which would have created 740 new jobs, 

The reports the other day said "no jobs will be lost", but by my reckoning, this is 740 jobs lost. Cancelling new jobs, losing existing jobs (that plant has many on short-term contracts with no redundancy payments who are the first to go), it's all the same.

I bet the few Japanese staff there live in Durham or Newcastle, not in Pennywell.

Nissan being in Sunderland was a triumph for Margaret Thatcher. Her guru, Keith Joseph, openly said it happened due to Single Market access. A lot of Tories hold Thatcher in high esteem, but she would never have rejected free trade as is happening now. Thatcher was not a "we can do it on our own, Rule Brittania" Tory. A No Deal Brexit is an affront to her memory.

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Dont help Nissan.

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Weren't the brexiteers screaming that leaving the EU will save the UK money seeing as they didn't have to pay into the EU? How ironic!

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It was Ghosn's idea to globalize Nissan and establish a plant in Sutherland.


Nissan is showing it's true colors.


They are bringing the product under their control.


touche Renault.



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Ghosn's idea was it?

Official opening of the plant by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Nissan President Yutaka Kume took place in September 1986.


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I wonder if Nissan's decision was also due to the new Japan-EU trade agreement, which sees the end of tariffs on Japanese-made cars imported into the EU. Perhaps we will see more closures of Japanese car factories in the EU as a result of this trade deal.

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That is still Brexit-related though, as imports from Japan will become tariff-free while imports from the UK to the (rest of the) EU may not, depending how things go.

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only 2.6 million pounds had so far been paid to Nissan

Now that... is scandalous! 2.6 Million pounds of British Tax Payers money for what ?

SFO should be called in to detain Nissan Execs in the UK until they confess to financial wrongdoings.

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Insular people always believe they can go alone...

Time has changed!

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Hold on... a car with plummeting sales..... let's see, must be Brexit. European sales in '16 up 50% on '15, Nissan AFTER the referendum, "let's build the next model here". 2018 sales DOWN 20-30% on '17, sorry chaps, changed our mind. Remoaners..."see this is what Brexit does".

They seem also to be victims of the EU's stricter emissions laws which they can't pass. Strange isn't it the recent Eu love affair with diesel, until VW got caught :-)

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