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WeWork to lay off 2,400 employees in SoftBank revamp

By Sheila Dang, Carrie Monahan and Joshua Franklin

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WeWork to lay off 2,400 


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Well, Masa-san needed to fire up the $1.8 billion to pay Neuman to, um, leave, plus his 200 mil. "consulting fee." Having fewer workers to pay is a good way of raising Neumann's riches. Too bad the workers won't be able to pay their rent or for their groceries, but as long as the billionaires get their loot , no problem, right?

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We work not 2,400 anymore.

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Severance package is pretty darn good. My merging company is offering 2 weeks for every year service up to 32 weeks. Piss poor but probably more average than Softbank's package.

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Too bad the workers won't be able to pay their rent or for their groceries

They get 4 to 6 months severance pay; I’d expect the technologists will be able to find jobs elsewhere readily enough. So I feel it’s a little rich to suggest they are going to be homeless and hungry soon. It’s better than being laid off from day, a dull old insurance company or something like that - just my opinion.

This is to say nothing in support of the payout to their CEO clown, of course.

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The concept of WeWork seems likeable, where businesses which cannot afford a full time commercial space, rent part-time from a WeWork space.

I did notice, when visiting one in Tokyo, that a lot of the unused space appeared to have lighting, etc. on -- if this is the case, WeWork should consider occupant sensor lighting, and heating/ac for their unused spaces - perhaps cutting operating costs?

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 I’d expect the technologists will be able to find jobs elsewhere...

WeWork is a real estate firm, not a tech firm. Most of their employees are service workers.

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WeWork seems like a legitimate business model and I imagine venture funds will come in and right the ship meaner and leaner.

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Distasteful of the people making fun of others losing their jobs.

The employees of WeWork are not responsible for the fiasco, the founders and the funders are.

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A symptom of the tech bubble.

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WeWork, as too with Uber, are simply modern day Scams - I have to wonder why the original founders have not been charged with "Fraud"... though perhaps the original major Investors are so powerful as to wish not to be seen with egg (aka excrement) upon their faces and have pulled a couple of strings to avoid being seen so .. for the "sake of the Market".

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