Boeing crisis escalates as planemaker halts 737 production

By Eric M Johnson and David Shepardson

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Either way, I am never boarding a 737 MAX again ...

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Recently Boeing announced the end of production of the Max' predecessor, the 737NG. May want to keep that line open. And the P-8 is a version of the NG, not at all related to the Max.

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Boeing has itself to blame for its problems and this type will never fly again because right or wrong , after all modifications done, the airlines won’t fly them as the public won’t board them.

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If in this world there were justice, they would deserve bankruptcy.

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its cornerstone relationship with the FAA placed under strain.

This is also worth highlighting. The cozy relationship between Boeing and other big airline manufacturers and the FAA has really undermined the latter's ability to prevent catastrophes like this from happening in the first place.

I am never boarding a 737 MAX again ...

Me neither!

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On my new year holiday next week, I am flying an Airbus a350 internationally and then domestically an Airbus 321. I am so, soooo happy!

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Fish rot from the head....same guy still calling the shot. IMHO, in any other jurisdiction he'd be tried for criminal negligence.

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