Boeing makes $100 million pledge for 737 MAX crash-related support

By Eric M. Johnson and Tracy Rucinski

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I'll never fly a MAX plane and neither will you. It's a lemon and airlines with this plane are going to regret using it.

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Around US$290,000 per victim - a bargain for Boeing - their 2018 profit was $10.5bn. This US$100mn is just less than 1% of their profits.

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If the victims will really get US$290,000 which is very unlikely considering other stakeholders like lawyers, ethopian airlines, ethopian government officials. I will not be surprised if some victims get less than us$10,000

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Around US$290,000 per victim - a bargain for Boeing

this is only a pledge , the law suits haven't even been decided yet. Ill say its going to cost Boeing a lot more than $100 million , prabably into the $billions.

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Blame the merger with McD D for this. The 777 was the last true Boeing plane, and is a fine one at that. Lockheed should have buried Douglas after the crapola DC 10.

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If it's not Boeing.... I'm not dying.

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I wonder if the pencilneck accountants that pushed faulty, yet cheaper, design fixes will be punished?

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I wish, we, as the consumer, were allowed to choose which type of aircraft we were booked upon at the time of purchasing a ticket. Right now, this is not an option.

The 737 series, when it was launched originally, also suffered a similar issue.. the 737 Max series which pretended to be similar to the 737 series has likewise suffered a series of issues... what is common to both problems needs to be addressed. And patch up jobs that we are now seeing, is not the answer. The US FAA needs to stop being tied to Corporations and be itself Independent and accountable. If they approve a new aircraft, and it fails, they need to be held accountable just as much as the OEM does.

Boeing is supported by US Government Military contracts, so won't disappear, any time soon, so suing them makes sense.... but what is the price upon Life ?

Who decides that ?

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