Foxconn announces U.S. manufacturing plant in Wisconsin


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Go Trump! Rebuild the middle class! Even if he is a dolt, if he gets the job done,,,

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Does anyone really believe that Foxconn chairman Terry Gou is doing this as a favor to Trump ??. This is what politics and business do best. Politicians scream look how many jobs we have created, gets them re elected to make more money, business screams look how much money we're making, look we get land , we get incentives, we get huge tax breaks (don't pay tax) and the unemployed, well, they get jobs pay taxes and spend all there money into the economy and the circus goes on. Businesses will always invest and create jobs only if they are going to make money, they know they can play the political system to their advantage not because of the popularity of an individual political figure.

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Does anyone really believe that Foxconn chairman Terry Gou is doing this as a favor to Trump ??

I don't think anyone is thinking that it's a personal favor. But if Trump policies have created a situation that made investment into building a factory in American appealing, then those policies should receive credit due. Of course, if those policies also screw the people of America by not creating any benefits to them, then those policies should receive condemnation due.

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