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Japan's jobless rate rises to 2.4% in January


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Hmmmm.  soon the unemployed will be roaming the streets, rioting and general causing mayhem.

Agree, the furore over Covid and the fact that almost every media story tries to shoehorn it into the narrative is a little overdone.

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You have a couple hundred thousand people retiring each month! Labor shortage here to stay.

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It’s about to rise much more if people have nowhere to put their kids for a month!

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Among them, 720,000 people voluntarily left their jobs, up 90,000 from the previous month, 370,000 were laid off, up 30,000, and 400,000 were new job seekers, up 20,000.

Hmmm... if there is such a huge need for people to work, why lay off 370,000 people?

This is one sign that the labor numbers put out by the government do not match with reality!

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Some layoffs are industry specific. Even in a strong job market, there are seasonal jobs and this is around the time they lay off workers. Retail, travel, and other related services laid off people from the end of the year hiring rush.

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These numbers do not add up. I have seen many people not working for last 9 years. In japan the pension system requires that an employee works to 90 years old. How can the gov't says that the economy is meeting abe's target ???. Now, which numbers are correct ???.

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