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Wholesale prices in Japan jump 9.2% as imports see record surge


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In fact, I don’t see anyone can really benefit from massive depreciation of Yen as LDP insists of the negative interest rate.

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Before the election they were talking about just above 2%, now suddenly its 10!

Servant media talking about bananas rising prices instead of really investigating and reporting in a timely manner the whole picture!

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The ridiculous thing right now, is that the BOJ on one hand is saying they want to achieve a stable inflation rate of 2% (leave aside the data here showing one price index increasing by a rate of 9%), while on the other hand Kishida is saying that the government will take measures to address price rises on the other.


Which is it?

Price rises desired or not?

It doesn’t make sense to try to have it both ways.

Personally I think the BOJ strategy is ridiculous. It was always fantasy to think they could ever get an increase in price rises and precisely stop it stably at 2%.

It is not fashionable this week perhaps to criticize this mistaken relic of Abenomics, but it should be cut loose asap. There is no sense to persisting with it, except perhaps, if delaying Japanese government insolvency is to actual motive……….. but when inflation runs hotter than 2% for a time, the BOJ won’t be able to keep telling everyone that the price increases aren’t sustainable forever. The western central bankers have up their “inflation is transitory” talk months ago.

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Before the election they were talking about just above 2%, now suddenly its 10!

Servant media talking about bananas rising prices instead of really investigating and reporting in a timely manner the whole picture!


Take into consideration the reduction in sizes or length of many stuff which in effect is price increase

in disguise and the real increase is far higher than what is quoted in this article.

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Food is relative cheap in the US,you can find 1.25 deals,I bought 8 hamburger patties for 5 dollars

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Most Americans have food that is freezer burn,we have some pie crust,we bought for cheap,over two year old,that are still good in the freezer,most Americans hoard food

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And they have to keep on printing and managing interest rates at almost zero as otherwise the whole government budget goes down the chute.

Monetise the debt and inflate the currency - only way out.

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RedstormToday  08:05 pm JST

Bake my own bread, make my own cakes and pies. Grow my own vegetables. Boxes of them at the moment.

I love a good pie. Apple? And do you brush the crust with butter the last 10 minutes of baking?

And tried to grow some sunflowers from last week---only 4 seed out of 12 sprouted. Any tips?

Used fertilizer and all that.

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RedstormToday  09:15 pm JST


I make American apple pie with crusty pastry. I use butter for shine and taste. 

Buy reliable sunflower seeds but with all your international travels probably no time for homegrown.

How about cinnamon? That included in the mix? I never gave it shot here--I didn't think the overns could cook through thoroughly.

I bought the sunflower seed here at Daiso. Thought about bringing in seeds from overseas but don't want to damage Japan's ecosystem.

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Japan beat the US by ,1,in inflation ,now go and buy something,you do really need

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Redstorm,they are not carbonated,they even have Cranberry Ginger Ale,just finished half of a Crush Pineapple,the half will be frozen,I do not drink carbonated soda

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Inflation is good - it causes the Poor to get Poorer and the Rich to get Richer.... and the Poor, being Poor, are so desperate, they'll be pleased with whatever breadcrumbs the Rich toss off their table towards them... guess who's running the Country ?

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Heck yeah! Love that cheap yen.

Well you must be happy today. The pathetic yen is right now at yet another 25 year low at 138.4 to the US Dollar. 140 and beyond in the very near future, with the japanese "government" unable or unwilling to do anything about it. The little people of course, just dutifully obey and vote ldp.

Personally, the pathetic collapsing yen is good for me as all my funds are in US Dollars and Swiss Francs, which I would imagine is the same for nearly all western foreigners here. But for the country as a whole, the collapsing yen is a disaster.

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What’s going on?

I USD to 139 YEN ? People say they are worry of the rapid falling Yen but just sit there?

Only allowing a minor raise of -0.1% yield will be good enough to reverse the trend.

What are they doing?

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