Japan's household spending up 1.2% in October on recovering tourism


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Japan's household spending up 1.2% in October on increased cost of living. fixed it!

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@diagonalslip that's correct!

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Japan is in a recession.

Japanese tourism is anaemic.

Last year people were going nowhere and the same is basically true this year.

1.2% increase of the lowest numbers in decades means nothing.

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Spending is up, but the amount food they get/eat is down due to price rises and extreme shrink-flation of food recently.

Overhearing the oldies talk in the supermarket and you get the point that many are struggling to get enough food with their pensions, which are less than 5% a retired politicians’s pension.

The 30%+ workers who are temp and part time must also be struggling hard.

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Japan's household spending in October increased a real 1.2 percent from a year earlier, rising for the fifth consecutive month, as people spent more on trips

... as people spent a lot more on food due to the inflation. FIFY.

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Certainly the trip to work and back has become more expensive, as too stable goods in shops - though those have gone up by way more than 1.2% ... more like 12-14%

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So, people have to spend more while wages drop, and this is somehow considered desirable?

Spending on transportation and communication, including for train fares, increased 1.5 percent, while that on food products dipped 0.4 percent, marking the first decline in three months in a sign that more people dined out, the ministry said.

Don't see how this assumption is made, the drop on food spending could also be related to other reasons (like giving up on having a proper diet, or spending on lower quality products for example).

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