Japan's wholesale prices jump record 10% in April


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Some BOJ board members have expressed concern that households have already begun to perceive inflation at a faster pace than the actual rise, warning that they would become pessimistic with wage growth not keeping pace.

A lot of people in Japan are already pessimistic!

The BOJ board members might look at the number of Japanese shoplifting in Japan!

Those numbers are on the rise and people don’t ‘perceive’ the price of inflation, they know very well what they don’t have in their pockets.

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I bought 12 pork cutlets for 3 dollars,bought a whole chicken ,it got cut up and still having many meals with it and will many more good meals

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Yes, if you think it can’t get worse, they just find a new way to make it even more worse. lol I’ve always recommended to helicopter the tons of printed money and produce a new healthy bubble economy. Of course they don’t listen , but only fill a few already bigger pockets and produce poverty , inflation , consumer pessimism etc instead. We could have a vivid economic situation and almost autark supply chains now and would have been quite prepared for a situation like this when many negative influential factors pile up at the same time. But no, making the opposite and driving everything against the wall or over the edge is of course an option too. It’s hopeless and of no use to show them another path…

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Well past time for a sharp increase in interest rates in Japan.

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Some BOJ board members have expressed concern that households have already begun to perceive inflation at a faster pace than the actual rise, warning that they would become pessimistic with wage growth not keeping pace.

Unsure. Consumers, after all, are pretty smart about what hits their own budget. Even with stimulus, incentives, and offsets, we see what is happening around us; Just today:

@ The prices of gasoline increased to an all-time high of 4.0112 USD/Gal.,

@ Rice prices climb to Near 2-Year High, above the $17-per-hundredweight mark, a level not seen since June 2020,

@ US natural gas futures regained ground and consolidated around the $8/MMBtu mark, not far from an almost 14-year peak of $9 touched earlier this month,

@ Wheat futures rose to $12.4 per bushel, approaching a 14-year high of $12.5 hit in March,

@ China's surveyed urban unemployment rose to 6.1 percent in April 2022 from 5.8 percent in the previous month; while China's industrial production unexpectedly fell by 2.9% YoY in April 2022, missing consensus of a 0.4% growth and shifting from a 5% gain in March.

Key is never to blame consumers for not being focused enough. Or not perceptive enough. And be able to accept responsibility when it is due.

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The prices of goods and services traded between companies and countries has increased all over. This situation is not just being felt in Japan its Globally. My advice would be is to save what you can and spend wisely. We will be in this for years to come, especailly with China on lock down and now preventing their citizens from leaving the country period. Xi will close China's doors he is going backwards and preventing the middle to progress those Chinese who could leave is leaving but the lock down has prevented that when it ends you will see a mass flow out going to live in Canada and Singapore if they can get in. With the war in Ukraine with situation affecting markets globally is also a concern, if the war was to end today don't expect the prices to ease this is where the world is now and it will take sometime to reset.

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If you are broke now it is only gonna get worse.

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Ah good. Abenomics is finally working.

Soon we'll all be reaping the benefits of the much vaunted 2% inflation wait.

Expecting the announcement of a minimum 5%+ hike in wages anytime soon.

Go Rinny.

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Inflation will be like Corona. Ignored by politicians/BOJ because they aren't the ones struggling, and it is harder to do something about it than to sit on your butt and collect your paycheck until your term is over. Expect more announcement from the BOJ telling the plebs not to worry as it's just temporary inflationary pressures and everything is under control.

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"The negatives of the weak yen appear to be outweighing the positives (for the economy)."

This is the predicted outcome of Abenomics, the massively foolish Keynesian monetary principles.

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People will tighten their belts even more so than before now.

Kuroda is useless.

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Inflation amplified by massive QE. More stagflation will put pressure on Kuroda and BOJ

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