Japan's April current account surplus grows six-fold as trade improves


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Hurrah!! Suganomics is working!! Plus switching on nuclear.

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Just yesterday, many international papers were afire with news of an overflowing amount of US$ in China, which is viewed as a problem for the Chinese.

Is Japan just reacting to the Chinese report ? Just asking.

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Good News, keep it up Japan.

No doubt in mind that Japan automobiles are the best in terms of value for the dollar. I know my automobile is the best investment ever made and still cranking after 14 years.

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Business is good , so long as the govt doesnt intervene

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Suganomics is working!! 

Not quite. Nearly all the year on year economic data in nearly all countries around now are showing massive increases. It's due to something called the pandemic, whose economic nadir was around...around a year ago.

The gauge we need to see is a comparison with pre-pandemic levels.

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