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Japan's April-Sept current surplus triples to record ¥12.7 tril


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Numbers ticking along very nicely. Imports substantially down. Record travel surplus due to the incredible boom in tourism to Japan. It almost seems like half the world is desperate to get to Japan in the next few months!

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Due to the worthless yen

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This is all because of the very cheap Yen and does not reflect the real state of the economy which is far from such rosey numbers.

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Good news. This means more tax revenue that the government will use to improve the citizens' lives.

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The calm before the storm.

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I call bs on this more rosier than ever garbage.

I don't see the average Tanaka any better off at all.

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Still losing to a crippled Germany.

stop insulting iq of your readers

Japan is releasing misinterpreted data along with fake data to try to lure foreign investors to bolster the Yen and the declining economy.

There's a definite reason why you see so many pro-Japan trolls on the Internet. They defend Japan crazily, attack critics of Fukushima water release, insult any foreigner about Japan. It was clearly that Japan paid the PR firms to protect Japan's image instead of treating nuclear water. This shows you how Japan always insults IQ of the audiences.

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Corporate Japan is flourishing while its working people are struggling. Time for labor strike action for consideringly higher workers' pay and for the LDP to stop coddling the big powerful corporations.

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