Japan's jobless rate unchanged at 2.7% in August


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Japan's jobless rate unchanged at 2.7% in August

Constant jobless rate in country where population decline, that hinting the actual jobless is increasing.

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The official unemployment numbers released in Japan are massaged so much, they cannot be relied on.

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If you want to work all day for 1000 yen/hour or less then there are plenty of jobs here in Japan.

I'm not sure if you will make enough to survive but hey at least unemployment is low.

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129 jobs?

better to say 129 low end paid jobs?

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as a decline in the number of laid-off workers was offset by an increase in employees leaving jobs to seek higher pay and better working conditions.

I have seen this expression used in multiple articles and it smacks as patently unsupported and voodoo economics.

Even contract workers reduced to zero hours during the pandemic were described like this.

How did they quantify people leaving a position for this reason?

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We all know that these figures are bogus. As in other countries, the "official unemployment" numbers only include those who are currently receiving unemployment payments from their respective governments. The period of eligibility for the payments is limited, and once a person becomes ineligible (whether they have a new job or not), they are no longer counted.

There are a great many long-term unemployed, but are not included in the "unemployed" figures.

Many of the long-term unemployed are unable to find employment often to age (ex. Over 50) or other reasons including health issues. Employers are not interested in hiring many such people, unless for minimum wage jobs.

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Japan 's employment-rate spreadsheets unchanged in August.

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They can come work in LA and make $41,600/ yr working at a fast food restaurant. The government just raised the minimum wage requirement to $20/hr

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How did they quantify people leaving a position for this reason?

Unless another reason is specifically stated in the resignation, they probably assume that those who weren't fired left to seek better jobs

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