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Japan's jobless rate falls to 2.9% in June


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Spin spin spin and more and more lies ~The LDP

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More BS statistics! No mention of how many people who are not currently even looking for work! Let's also not forget that the number of people who are underemployed, defined as even working 1 hour a week is considered "gainfully employed".

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Little by little Japan is recovering

Japan has been in recovery mode for nearly 3 decades! Dont be fooled by the numbers!

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I'd take the jobless figures about as seriously as the daily coronavirus figures; I suspect that they are both massaged so much for reasons of image that you'd find them staggering out of an adult establishment in Kabuki-cho at 4 AM.

But this is, after all, a country where - as an example - you might be walking down the street and come upon some roadworks being done. In most countries such roadworks would be done by a team of three or four.

Here, you'll have six people doing the roadworks, four people "overseeing" them, and two 90-year old men whose job appears to be extending their arm in a certain direction when people walk by, as if the average person doesn't have the capability of noticing roadworks and walking around them.

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You can feel the pressure on LDP and Suga - so we see flurry of PR fluff updates about how economy is improving, how record corona numbers are not related to Olympics....

Good PR stuff

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Low unemployment has been consistent over the lost decades.

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2.9% - really? There are many underemployed people who do not meet the criteria for being unemployed. Japan wins the gold in the mastering the art of number fudging for political purposes competition.

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Japan's jobless stats are generally even more incorrect than the other developed countries.

All the unemployment figures in every country are greatly understated.

Non take into account those that no longer get unemployment benefits, or have basically given up looking.

Once your unemployment insurance runs out then you are often dropped from the official unemployment numbers.

This is not just Japan but most developed countries as Japan pays out benefits for a far shorter time.

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I hope the vaccination will speed up. The quicker we are done with this, the quicker the economy can get back on it's feet. Another lock down isn't gonna work. It will destroy us.

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If you are going to down vote at least have to courage to say why.

My son just got back from the unemployment office.

His company went under this week 500 are now out of work.

His benefits will be for 90 days only.

Then what? He was a new graduate last year and as it stands few jobs available other than construction which he cannot do because of a chronic illness.

So in 90 days he will no longer be counted once his benefits run out.

This is normal in most countries but then most countries offer closer to 1 year unemployment benefits.

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It’s odd the economy apparently goes up. Goes down the economic figures continue to decline but some how unemployment remains stable? Has a fax machine jammed and for the last 20 years gone un noticed?

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I wonder how many of these new hires could actually survive on the pay from these seasonal / restaurant / retail jobs?

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I wonder how many of these new hires could actually survive on the pay from these seasonal / restaurant / retail jobs?

Well if they are anything like the jobs hello work just presented today to my son, I would venture to guess very few to Zero.

My son couldn't live on what was presented to him today and he still lives in my house.

And for those that don't know, if given a list of "potential" jobs at hello work and you refuse to apply they can cut off your benefits if they choose to.

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Employment statistics are similar to inflation and the rate of printing new money. If a new job is created just to reduce the number of unemployed, then that statistic is useless. Yes, I'm talking about men with flags on all sides of any construction site, various random people pointing the way somewhere or just holding a sign with some information. Just places where you don't need a person, but literally just stick a stick with a sign in the ground.

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I think Japanese youngsters should try and apply for jobs overseas. Get out of the rat race to get some language and culture skills.

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I think Japanese youngsters should try and apply for jobs overseas. 

That's well-intentioned bad advice. Let's say that Taro Jr has a knack for English and another marketable skill and manages to snag a good job in, for the sake of argument, the UK.

First day:

Boss: "Welcome to the company. Your responsibilities are X, Y and Z, but if you think of something that may be useful in your job, or could help someone else, speak up. We reward innovative thinking".

Taro Jr: "OK" (gets to work)

Five years later, Taro Jr has to come back to Japan. Goes for a job interview.

Interviewer: "So, what experience do you have?"

Taro Jr: "I worked in company A in London for five years"

Interviewer: "What would you say you learned there?"

Taro Jr: "How to think on my feet, improvise, and suggest improvements where I saw the potential for them".

Interviewer: "Thank you for coming today. Don't call us. We sure as hell won't call you".

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gintonicToday  02:51 pm JST

Spin spin spin and more and more lies

Ok, I will accept that Japan is not manipulating the number of positive covid cases, but for these numbers given here, please.

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Does this include NEETs and hikikomori?

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I left Japan because of the dire unemployment situation.

The real unemployment numbers are way above what the government puts out.

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You will be hired immediately, if you don't mind the jobs related with care works.

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These figures are nonsense as so many people aren't even counted. My partner works in the gig economy doing temporary work and has effectively been unemployed for most of the coronavirus era. And he can't claim any benefits so he doesn't. I even sent him to ask for help a couple of weeks ago, and they said as he lives with me and because of what I earn, he would have to make himself homeless to receive any help. So, he gets nothing and isn't counted and I as a foreign resident am expected to support him. There must be millions like him. A quick visit to any holiday coastal town in Japan right now will reveal how more than half the businesses, hotels etc have gone bankrupt and closed permanently. The young really need to start voting in Japan and ditch the governing party.

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Fake numbers.

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