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3 Japanese carmakers plan temporary leave for 20,000 workers


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These are the same companies who offer/encourage people to take paid days off, vacation days, paternity leave, etc - and then punish those who actually do it.

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Working from home at a reduced wage is better than no wage at all. Quite a few workers that I know are now stuck in the zero income department.

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Were living in unprecedented times, so most of the rule books will be torn up and new one wrote. here in UK lot of workers were dismissed when we started this lockdown, but when we get over it, companies will start to reopen, and the bosses will be asking if the staff want to come back, but will the staff have little or any respect for the boss as they previously had worked for, for x amout of years, and then dumped without a care in the world, especially when or Prime minister has said that the government will pay unto 80% of the staffs wages. some people will have been at a company for x amount of years with final pension salaries, and possibly nice bonuses, now that they have been dismissed, will they have to sign a new contract, and will any of the previous years of service will it be carried over, or will it be Brocken service thus the employee not being entitled to extra holidays, long service and bonuses? how will this effect Japans businesses and staff?

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Brian , some japanese , big firms and even single owners do not care. They care abt their own pockets, These people do not understand hurt of feelings, they understand if their bank and pockets are full. The worst are the salarymen that save their own necks and did bad actions to people who works with them for many years. But god have eyes. These kind of people will pay for their bad actions.

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Tax payers open your wallets, once again we all have to share the suffering, although none of these companies have ever paid a yen in tax.

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Splitting hours will at least put food on the table.

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No way would I be forced into taking paid holidays. You want me to stay home by force, pay me.

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Ohhh c'mon guys most of these companies should bankrupt already many years ago Nissan? Mazda? are you guys kidding me central bank and government will bail them out as usual. They can't let big companies fall, people will lose jobs and be unhappy so they will vote for the wrong people, right ?

Usually in the past when there was a crisis or depression, unprofitable companies were out of the market. That's how the world was working in normal conditions, your company was bringing losses for a longer period of time then you are out, finished.

Crisis, recession or depression was there to clean the market from that kind of companies.

Unfortunately nowadays we bail out all the unprofitable companies. WeWork, Boeing, Mazda, Japanese Airlines. It is even on the same front page of Japan Today ('s-economy-faces-'extremely-high'

Bank of Japan is ready to help and bail out big corporations and government officials.

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Suzuki sales still going strong. That new Jimny is all the rage. Almost a one year wait to get one from the dealer. I guess many are planning on hitting the back country to practice social distancing.

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A very interesting comment, 'Bear Foreigner'...Suzuki Motor Company are very successful at marketing their product through clever (TV and chirashi) commercial campaigns. Today on the way home, I passed a small parking lot filled with new Jimny models, all black, perhaps 10 of them with no number plates, and wondered why they had suddenly appeared there...

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@Speed thank you speed. You too @Tom. It’s nice to see some people on here taking a positive outlook on things like this.

And yes, what some of you don’t realize is that there are still people who need to put food on their table for their families, and they be able to pay the bills as well. We can talk about how bad these companies are all we want and how horrible they treat their employees all we want. The point is these people need help now. Not in a few weeks or months from now, which is the soonest possible time we could get any legislation passed to make these companies change for the better, but now.

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Give them a job making respirators, masks, gloves, face shields, and gowns for the health care workers. They will be needed badly.

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In other countries car manufacturers are repurposing to make ventilators etc. Why not in Japan?

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Yep, they will start thinking to retool their production lines in a few weeks. Will be too late then.

Japan is around a couple of weeks behind. The explosion in cases is coming, and they should be seriously preparing for what is to come now.

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In other countries car manufacturers are repurposing to make ventilators etc. Why not in Japan?

They don't have an Excel sheet for that. Plus, it would require too many inkans. Finally, the fax machine would probably run out of ink.

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