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Japan's department store sales drop 20.3% in July


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That's a Suprise? With Premium Friday's I would have thought more people would be shopping spending the excess cash they earn from working excess hours. What a conundrum.

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What the dept stores don’t want to recognise to themselves is that they are dinosaurs. The majority of their product line up exists out of non-brands and junk, poor quality stuff at too high prices.

The interior concept is mediëval. And management has zero creativity. The Mitsukoshi in Mitsukoshimae should be turned into a high end store completely as the building is fantastically suited for it but instead 4 out of the 6 floors sell junk and bring the overall shopping experience down.

The dept stores are also at least 20 % overstaffed but god forbid anyone should speak English. The supermarkets inside the dept stores are ridiculously expensive.

the brand stores that are present have too limited collections so that my wife and I go for that to flagships only.

The restaurant Floors are mostly the best thing, certainly is the case in Takashimaya Shinjuku and most Ginza dept stores.

when they do build a new one they completely miss the mark. Ginza six is a completely failed and outdated interior concept which confuses not attracts clients. It deters , does not entice shoppers from buying

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The Japanese just don’t have the excess cash to spend as they did...

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