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Japan lifts age restrictions on U.S. beef imports


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Can Japan also lift the restriction on American bacon?

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Is that some joke... pretty sure I saw American bacon at nissin.

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cheaper stews ?

If so, then its Time for Japanese to learn SloCooker cooking... thats the only way (baring lots of sugar) to handle older tougher meat.

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Ministry knows it is safe in January and by miracle lift comes in May after a few days Trump points the finger to Japan.

Go go go Trump, I want to see good cheaper meat in Japan.

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Oh, that's great news! Actually, the ban was once lifted in 2005, but then reinstated in 2006 when another outbreak of BSE was confirmed in the US. Wait... does this mean I can order beef jerky?! I'm tired of ordering the slim Jim n cheese combos, but only getting the cheese.

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So now there will be more American burgers, this time with real American beef. Then, Japanese are more happier than Americans.

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Still illegal to bring american Beef jerky into Japan? Asking for a friend.

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"This is great news for American ranchers and exporters who now have full access to the Japanese market for their high-quality, safe, wholesome, and delicious U.S. beef," 

Seriously? I hope the newer imports are better than the fatty and tasteless crap cuts of US beef I see at my local supermarket. It still won't make me buy it though.

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Warning tough stringy American beef coming to a store near to you! More fat and gristle! It will be like shopping in an American commissary!

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@Chip Star

I wish they would lift that ban. I want some American bacon. I’m tired of this real pork tasting bacon. Too natural for me.

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you should know that each style of beef from different countries are typically for different styles of cooking.

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So the “science based policies” will now ban US beef on the basis of all the growth hormones and unnecessary antibiotics pumped in to them?

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Buy New Zealand Beef. It's Yummy

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