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Japan logs ¥2.38 tril goods trade deficit in May; 2nd largest ever


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And does that surprise anyone at all? Take a look at the calendar and what's been going on for the last two and a half years.

But there will be only one of two options here - either blame will be placed on we all know who or our government officials will wonder and scratch their heads wondering how this could have happened in the first place and they will endlessly look into it and have meetings, it until everyone forgets what it was all about.

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We've been told unceasingly that the weak yen would boost exports.

So you missed this part:

"exports rose 15.8 percent from a year earlier to 7.25 trillion yen for the 15th straight month of increase,"

Just remove those silly sanctions already. 

Yep, appeasement is always the best policy, history tells us.

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So, it’s all going according to plan.

Sounds salacious. Whose plan?

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All it does is create misery for the common people and create a mass migration due to poverty.

So, it’s all going according to plan.

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Dr. Kuroda at the Bank Of Japan (evil laugh goes here) says,

"You Will Learn To Tolerate This. Creating Domestic-Sourced Inflation In Japan Is What Matters."

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Just remove those silly sanctions already. You don't see the rest of Asia doing any sanctions. Only our government is that stubborn to keep their sanctions on so many countries due to the US and EU. Just removing from some middle east countries alone would have greatly boast our economy.

Sanctions are dividing the world anyway and pushing these countries closer to each other and unite. All it does is create misery for the common people and create a mass migration due to poverty.

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Ah come on July erections then the borders will open and the deficits will end….

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Driven by rising energy prices resulting from Russia's invasion of Ukraine, 

No, resulting from the sanctions placed by the US which effectively strengthen Russia, China, and India.

International transactions show India buys discount Russian oil and fertilizers in high demand then sells it to EU and the US. According to the US, buying Russian products is considered to be financing Russia’s war. So EU and the US are financing Russia’s war.

India can’t contract Norwegian or Greek or Cypriot tankers due to their EU commitments to sanctions. Transactions show India is using Chinese tankers

Indian exporters have signed leases for 6 Chinese tankers to transport fertilizers for 1 Year and they are covered by Chinese Insurance.

Russia exports the fertilizers ; China provides the transportation and Insurance ; India plays the middle man

EU pays India in Euros. India uses part of the Euros to buy Yuan. India is paying China and Russia in Yuan bypassing the USD. India credits the extra surplus Euro into its foreign reserves.

Mean and while Japan removes a Z logo from some planes and the US pays inflated prices for Russian products indirectly financing the war. The US will not be able to drive a wedge among these three. This administration is not savvy enough.

If Biden wants to keep playing checkers in a chess world, more problems will arise. In checkers, China keeps the kings in the back row and hides the falcon’s talons.

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Borders open with tourisim? Don’t hold your breath, it seem like it’s not about covid anymore

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We've been told unceasingly that the weak yen would boost exports.

Why are the numbers telling us the opposite?

Have we been wrong about the weak yen all along?

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