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Japan logs record trade deficit of ¥3.5 tril in January


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The worse to Yen is over or not over yet?

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How predictable when the working force is collapsing and no energy saving efforts are done.

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It still sounds in my ears what they celebrated only a few days ago, a splendid fourth quarter of last year.

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Clearly his economic policies have succeeded at every turn.

Quite a few successes. He played a key role in avoiding a recession during the depths of the pandemic, broke the deflationary cycle years earlier and enabled Japanese corporations to rake in the highest profits in their history. Meanwhile, Japanese borrowers pay some of the lowest interest charges in the world.

As for the trade deficit, I guess Japanese companies regret all that offshoring they did until the pandemic hit. They've got a cheap yen and can barely exploit it. LOL.

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Hmmm... now how is it again that "Bazooka" (not just "Bozo") Kuroda is a genius and will be hard to replace? Clearly his economic policies have succeeded at every turn.

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Kidishida wants to explain that weapons purchase is needed soon to compensate the deficit.....

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