A man in a bicycle drives past containers at an industrial port in Tokyo. Photo: REUTERS file

Japan's May exports log sharpest rise in 41 years on pandemic recovery


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Hallelujah! Suganomics is taking off like a rocket!

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If only there were no semiconductor deficit that led to the temporary shutdown of several Japanese factories overseas, the numbers would have probably been even higher.

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Relying on China as usual.

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Misleading. After pandemics consumption rises across the globe.

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Huge back log trying to get anything out too, imagine if shipping was going well.............freight forwarders pulling their hair out because no space or containers to move stuff at the moment.

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"Misleading. After pandemics consumption rises across the globe."

Thanks for letting us know China's figures are equally "misleading as consumption rise across the globe"

Must be the bug.

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(1-28.3%)×(1+49.6%)=1.073 that is 7.3 % rise only. So it is nice but a rebound was more than expected.

Surely end of year will be nicer than before. But annual results yet to be obtained and cautious expectations shall remain.

Good for Japan so far.

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no comment

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lots of figures, as usual. but do %ages mean much? doesn't the 'real' value depend on starting-point? and a year ago things were already in the doldrums. 49.6% sounds impressive, but the rise from 2019 was 7.3%. not saying that's not good, but it's all relative.

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