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Japan real wages fall in January for 22nd month


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Anybody surprised? But the Nikkei's at 40K, seems employers are not sharing the profits with the workers!

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The title should read “Japanese people become poorer, year by year”

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After 2000 years of poverty the Japanese people will just have to keep sucking up this steady fall in their living standards as another "lost decade" looms - the military is back with an appetite and must be fed with the people's hard-earned money. The Japanese ruling class reluctant to share the spoils of their system wouldn't want it any other way.

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"Real wages fell" makes it look like the people aren't working hard enough; in reality, they're working harder than ever but inflation is destroying the value of their wages.

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22nd straight month of decline

Wages are down, inflation is up, taxes are rising. A triple gut punch to the average person.

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This is the true measurement of the people's struggle here. Not if stocks are skyrocketing or if Toyota is making a few more billions in profits compared to last year.

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Be warned, just the beginning.

There is no indication of economic factor that the trend will stop.

Debt is higher and going further higher due to defense investment, social care for the elder and aging society.

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They don't get their mouth full at the very top and medium level again. Although a bit sinking and very loud complaining they at least HAVE their WAGES. I wonder when or if ever only one millisecond is spent on all the dependent people with even lower, lowest or without any wages.

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