Japanese carmakers' overseas output soars 5.8% in FY 2016


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From the US you are welcome Japan, now open up your agriculture market and give the US a piece or face tariffs in the US.

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Unfortunately, there is a glut of new Carson the US at the moment-look for a big production fall in 2018

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From the US you are welcome Japan, yet 70% of Japanese cars sold in the US are made in the US by American workers. whats Trump going to do tax US workers and companies manufacturing in the US? For the 100,000s of jobs and billions $ invested in the US by Japanese companies, Your welcome America. Now how many Japanese workers do US companies employing make US goods sold in Japan!? oops sorry forgot it made in China.

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They are after all, the single-largest automobile producing nation in the world. Around one third of the volume annually, for the past 2 decades. Congratulation

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