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Nikkei ends below 22,000 for 1st time since October amid virus scares


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Find the cure for Corona virus and all people have no more worries abt stock prices.

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This is the consequence of "just in time delivery". The supply chain, especailly the global supply chain, is easily interrupted by major events, causing a direct impact on business and therefore, the stock market as well.

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And with the announcement of shutting down kids for a month,don't be surprised by a 1000 point drop tomorrow. Which is dropping quicker tho,Abe's inept handling of crisis or the stock market's sneezing this week?

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"... the global supply chain, is easily interrupted by major events."

I've warned for years that establishing much of the global supply chain in China is a highly risky proposition that would exact a steep price to the developed world.

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Thanks JL,

Your advice over the years has showed me that avoiding investment in China, is the way!

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