Nissan slapped with more back taxes from Ghosn period


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The senior executives who colluded to remove Ghosn really destroyed the company for their own greed! The email exchanges between them clearly showed their desire to remove Ghosn by choosing this pathetic strategy rather than proper and professional way to do so!

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...... “” what goes around comes around””....... Nissan.

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If they the tax office showed such rigorous professional audits on all Japanese companies there would be a boom in jail building. And a sudden vacuum of politicians and supposedly elite families. Ah if only my birthday wish would come true.

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Agree with all 3 comments above

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Nissan failed to declare about 150 million yen in taxable income in three business years through March 2014

¥50,000,000 per year for a company Nissan's size?


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Keep beating a dead horse. I’d love to hear how other Japanese companies are faring.

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It's not NISSAN anymore. They need to dissolve the business or be bought out by Tesla.

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In a report submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange in January, Nissan said that Ghosn inappropriately received about 140 million yen ($1.3 million) as stock-linked compensation. He also used a company business jet for private trips, costing a total of $4.4 million.

What about that dirty rat saikawa and others who admitted to receiving compensation? Why aren't they also in the report and in jail?

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The guy needs to jailed. Wife and son too. And the escape specialists. Assets seized.

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Niss an't good for them....

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He also used a company business jet for private trips, costing a total of $4.4 million.

How low can they go.

So they knew only recently that it was for private trips ? And how can one differentiate

between a private and business trip of a CEO, it is just like beauty is to the eye of the beholder.

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The media are so desperate to avoid blaming even a single Japanese person

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It's not NISSAN anymore. They need to dissolve the i business or be bought out by Tesla.

I can't even imagine what Tesla would want with Nissan. yikes.

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Wen I started working in Japan, some managers could spend as much as they wanted in whatever leisure places they wanted, and get reimbursed.

We have here a CEO that they claim did this and that. Everyone knows that companies are audited, so either it was accepted or should have been reported every year. Of course there was excess spending but nothing illegal. Japanese gov make it seem illegal AFTERWARDS.

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The media are so desperate to avoid blaming even a single Japanese person

Exactly... Saikawa should have been charged as well as other executives! They just blame Ghosn for everything because he was foreigner! Had he been a Japanese then they would have just asked him to bow and apologize and all would have been forgotten. There are many Japanese CEO’s in Japan who had been involved in corruption and worst than what Ghosn did but no charges were laid against them! One of the stockholders who shouted during the last meeting that things were better when Ghosn was in power was absolutely right!

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Nissan’s shareholders have been totally screwed by the folks that brought this upon the company.

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look for a scape goat. Nissan will be dry like a raisin soon.

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Seems to me that overseas travel for personal use would be a bit hard to prove? and the only reason Nissan is being taxed for it is because they outed it. All he had to do was meet with one person regarding business to make it a legitimate business trip.

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I think this could be the straw that broke the camels back, I cant see Nissan surviving for long now. if I was a share holder I would want some answers.

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Thinking of it, maybe Ghosn could create a business to help all the foreigner blocked abroad come back in Japan inside a BOX, that could help pay Nissan taxes ? Ho wait no ..

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It's not NISSAN anymore. They need to dissolve the business or be bought out by Tesla.

Tesla doesn't even want any Japanese piece of crap. They even refuse to do business with Panasonic in the long term right after they figured out how to create and design their batteries.

Most foreign investors lost faith in Japanese stocks long ago.

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Nissan and the Japanese MOJ are the clowns of the country.

I hope that they don't damage Kelly on his trial, this Sept.15th.

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Come on Nissan, Blame it on Mr G. like all of your FAILURES.

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Nissan domestic sales are sooooo Looooow, what does that tell Nissan about how the Japanese public thinks of thm.

Just read between the line Nissan. It's time to clean up refresh with new leadeship.

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