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Panasonic-Sony display maker files for court protection


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It's now obvious that Rapidus will suffer the same face. Anything that METI touched turns into ash heaps.

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Joled was set up in 2015 by Panasonic, Sony, INCJ and Japan Display, merging the two Japanese tech giants' OLED operations to compete against Asian rivals.

I find this ^^^ premise utterly silly. Who create a business to compete? Most successful business venture succeed because they have an edge, a moat etc., and don't have direct competitors.

But I suspect China's BOE setting up shop in Tokyo probably is start of the demise, ie poached all the talent and/or stole technology. Like Canada's Nortel and RIM (Blackberry) lost out to Huawei.

BOE itself was from China snuffing out South Korea's SK Hynix's display businesses (yes, not once, twice), then BOE got all the tech for a firesale price. The same way CATL got the loot from snuffing out Japan's TDK.

You do business in China, you'll loose your shirt eventually, like Italy's Pirelli. China will take anything, like the Tomato paste businness, Italy built the factory, transferred secrets, China now dominate tomato paste market.

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Sad to witness. Use to be,

Japan was in the top

performing countries

of high quality products.

Now, it's not even in the


Maybe, Japan should

enable international

people to assist with

product design and


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Sony hasn't been relevant since the Trinitron era...

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Another bankrupt entity in Japan? What's really happening?

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