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ANA expects record net loss of around ¥530 bil


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The world-at-large is in the red ink, ANA. Take your GDP place like everyone else.

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Is it bailout time?

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It's ok they can mismanage all they want they get tax money for bailout

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Love ANA! Great airline, great staff.

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Will they dump their A380s, like nearly everyone else has done?

Bit of an ego purchase, that did not really fit well into their overall route plans.

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Without a word of a lie I was reading just last year about how we will have the largest pilot shortage in history and I was even thinking of taking flight classes to see if it suited me, now airlines are firing in record numbers. I have to feel sorry for current flight students who take out loans up to $100k for the necessary training and hope everything recovers soon.

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Very sad to see this results and the consequences on its amazing staff.

I hope it recovers in 2021, as this is by far the best airline I travelled with.

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I read where certain airlines in some countries are coming up with a variety of innovative measures to boost business in the Covid era; testing, apps etc. it seems Japan is behind the curve on this. Maybe they can put a hanko on a document and fax it over to the transport ministry to apply for relief.

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I hope it recovers in 2021, as this is by far the best airline I travelled with.

They are not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but still ANA doesn't hold candle to the likes of Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

Its competition is not only United and Delta.

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This is Japan, where they gave everyone Abenomasks and subsidize everyone’s domestic travel and eating out, so it’s not hard to imagine the government bailing out airlines before long.

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My sympathy goes to LCC and not the likes of ANA that have charged flyers

exorbitant fares and amassed record profits year after year, where has all the profits they have

been making over the years gone ?, I don't think they used all of it to pay share holders. They can

dip their hands into their cash reserves and try to weather this difficult moment, having large cash

reserves and still expecting bailout for an individual will be fraud why is a company any different.

Korea airlines made a profit of 125M dollars during this pandemic, they were fast to reason that

demand for air cargo would increase and retooled some of their fleets to air cargo, whereas here despite

the far higher export volume of Japan, the airlines never took advantage, Japan post still doesn't

accept air shipments to the U.S, Australia and a lot more countries and the private courier companies

have taken advantage and are charging insane rates. I had to pay fedex 29,000yen last week for package

weighing 15 hundred grams destined for Brunei. This is where JAL and ANA could have teamed up with Japanpost and J-companies to ferry their products abroad, keeping the pilots busy and making money in the process and creating competition for the private courier companies who have formed a cartel. Where is the Japan fair trade commission to look into the astronomical shipping rates of the courier companies.

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