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Seven & i to sell Sogo & Seibu department stores to Fortress Investment


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"as more people turn to cheaper items and online retailers like Amazon.com and Rakuten Group for their daily shopping in recent years, the department store industry saw an increasing number of its outlets close"

The retail market has has changed dramatically, and now physical stores must offer some unique value to compete with online alternatives, and build an online presence themselves. Japanese giants are not immune. Some will manage to reinvent themselves. Those who can't will disappear. There's nothing unique here to Japan, the same trend can be seen across the world.

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Round and round….

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20 years on, its the same assets that stay on the merry go-around. I bet its the same set of people at these different funds who underwrote these assets 20 years ago.

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Depends really, sourcing products that are locally made would actually stimulate the Japanese economy rather than the Chinese Economy. Made in China, and bought on Amazon, is cheap, yes - currently, but the quality is seriously lacking, and sometimes the materials used, are somewhat dangerous. Being able to walk into a Store and buy cheap Japanese made quality products would be a fantastic prospect ... though I'd be dreaming in that case...

I suspect, the real value in this deal, is with the real-estate occupied by those stores.

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Thanks to Abenomics. This is only the beginning.

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So the strategy is basically turn it into an electronics store……can’t believe Seven and I probably the best fit to turn Seibu and Sogo around…..folded to this. Sad news for Japan.

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