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Subaru to recall 255,000 cars checked by uncertified staff next week


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"The invalid inspection practice at Subaru is the latest corporate scandal to hit Japanese manufacturers..."

More "Made in Japan" scandals that will go unpunished. Somebody needs to stop letting invalid people do inspections and allowing invalid parts and products out, and start inspecting the invalids in charge.

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for more than 30 years, violating... regulations.

Kind of sounds like TEPCO right before 3/11. At least they (Subaru) are owing to it. 255,000, that's a lot of cars.

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Just bought one. Hope the wheels stay attached.

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Just bought one. Hope the wheels stay attached.

LOL. don’t worry they will. Although the frustration is understandable.

Nobody thought in 30 years to mention it? Or is it an opportunistic case of suddenly jumping on the apology bandwagon so you can say - hey we’re not the only ones - while the iron is still hot.

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Been a Loyal Subaru customer and enjoyed their products for 10 years now. Now that is shattered as now I may have a completely UNSAFE and maybe DEADLY vehicle as I just bought a 2017 Cross Track. Now i feel scared. How much greed and criminal activities are going on in Japan? Who is in Charge of these companies????? Is it the Orange pant Load Dotard Donald Trump???????????????? I would expect that of him.

Well I guess Japan products will be considered cheap unsafe overpriced garbage now as it was when I grew up 59 years ago. Now Japan corporations have decided to become lower than China and India on garbage in and Garbage out.

These companies have now betrayed the consumers and investors all for what a few 100 yen? The US auto industry did this in the 70's and they bit the dust hard. took a 3 decades to recover and they still are questioned.

Good Luck Japan manufacturers as you have all lost face now!

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I have a relative who works for a Japanese car manufacturer and he said that the certification process for a final vehicle inspector at his company consisted of watching "a few videos".

He also said that vehicles would be rejected if the inspection hanko was not perfectly positioned within the box and touched one of the lines. A hanko rotated by more than a few degrees would also be rejected.

This talk of final inspections of finished cars reminds me of the building inspection my house got when I built it. Someone from the town hall came and banged on my completed walls so he could speculate from the sound whether insulation had been fitted. He also checked whether walls indicated on the drawings as including earthquake bracing were present. Since the walls were complete, there was no way to confirm whether the walls actually contained any bracing. Likewise the concrete foundation and the rebar inside it. Small stickers were taken as proof fireproof materials had been used. There were zero public inspections during the actual build. If you want them, hire an architect to project manage for you. The government couldn't care less.

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Due diligence by Subarus assembly line management digit fault here. However, upper management is also responsible. Feel sorry for Subaru corporation and her shareholder.

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I wonder if the big American corporations like the powerful transgenic and drug industry do not omit some data.

LOL, I forgot they wrote the own rules.

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This is an example of poor compliance culture in Japanese companies. They are still in a learning process.

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I work for Subaru Indiana Automotive, and I suggest that if you truly have doubts about Subaru, that you come and take a tour of the plant.

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Jeebus. I guess Japan is intent on destroying its once stellar reputation for manufacturing excellence.

Hirokazu KoraOct. 30  10:51 pm JST This is an example of poor compliance culture in Japanese companies. They are still in a learning process.

Except that Japanese manufacturing firms once didn't need to be made to "comply" with anything as there was once an obsessiveness to do things as best as humanly possible.

It's unclear from this JT article, but according to this Reuters article the recall is only for domestically produced vehicles sold in Japan.


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They were trained already, certified works do make more mistakes than uncertified staff.

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I work at subaru in Indiana where the legacy cross treck and outback are made we don't have any problems

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