Tokyo Disney parks operator planning Y300 bil expansion


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thats alot of money!

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Not really... 30 million * 7000 yen entry fee is 210 billion yen... would only take them a few years to recoup

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There is no free lunch folks!

So the price of a ticket will go up a few thou to cover this.

Like it ain't expensive enough as it is.

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Expansion or not I still won't go there, been twice for my sons sake.

Why pay a few thou just to get in and than spend hours queuing up for rides, places to sit for a break, etc.

Never watched a Parade at Disneyland, we took advantage of the shorter queues.

Prefer the amusement park in my hometown(world famous) no fee anyone can stroll around, you pay for each ride with hardly a 5min wait at the most.

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BTW, not a fan of the Big eared mouse empire to start with.

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A Japanese Disney theme? This I have to see. And as for lineups and other pains involved in visiting Disney parks (been to a few in North America) I say they're highly overrated, overpriced and not worth my time.

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I went on a drizzly Tuesday in November several years back for my first and last time. I've never see so many people gathered in a single spot: in the hundreds of thousands. The boring indoor rollercoast took 2.5 hours before we could ride, the minor really boring rides 45 minutes of standing in a line.

The food served in the wild west restaurant was Japanese curry rice. There was no where to sit down on the site, with the tiny number of benches constantly occupied. Most people were squatting on the concrete.

I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to go there, even if it was free.

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I understand the negative comments here. Long queues, average food etc. I've been to Disneysea a couple of times and Disneyland maybe four. Most experiences have been really average. But in June I went to Disneyland with my folks who were visiting and had never been before. I was worried about age being an issue with them both being past 65. We all had a great time. Maybe we just had a good day with fast passes or something but we never had to wait more than 20 minutes for a ride and we rode most things. Saw a lunchtime show. Did some shopping. Saw parades. I'd go a lot of I could guarantee days like that. But unfortunately I know it doesn't happen often.

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Clearly the theme park could do better.

The could allocate some days to Prebooked rides as an option, a bit like a Holiday sightseeing tour ... where you signup for a specific plan, and everything is scheduled ride after ride, no waiting in queues... that would probably make more sense, but you may not get to see everything you wanted.

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