Tokyo shares end lower on weak U.S. stock futures, virus spike


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The American stock market is headline news, and what i invest in: I’m not American.

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Looks like ES wants to test 4600 before market opens, she can't hold there we see 4575 pretty quickly. 4635 area needs to reclaim, might become a resistance now though. Fun day to start ER week.

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Unless you are a day trader (which is gambling not investing) then these daily gyrations of the stock market are meaningless.

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I wouldn't necessarily say trading is gambling, many of us make a living off of it and a very good one at that, but you are correct in that it is not investing. Both have merit and both can make you money, short term and long term, nothing wrong with either IMO. As a matter of fact most traders who play the market short term on a daily basis also hold long term investments, so in essence, the best of both!

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Roblib, you are right and I have no problem with anyone who does it, or gambling. If you can make a living off of it (most people don’t) good for you, all I was indicating was that the daily click bait headlines serve no purpose to the majority of readers and are more likely to generate false panic, for professionals and experienced day traders this won’t happen (though there are better sources of market information that I am sure you use) but for the average retail investor this is just unnecessary and potentially misleading noise.

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Still following America ??! No wonder Japanese economy is kaput.

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I hear you, you're right about the click bait tons of that mess going around all the time and not just related to the stock markets either. Hard to know what to believe anymore LoL.

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