Tokyo stocks fall for 4th day after U.S. decision on Russian oil ban


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Buy Russian fuel, problem solved.

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Rodney-Buy Russian fuel, problem solved.

Russia stops their invasion of Ukraine, problem solved.

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The United States said Tuesday it will ban imports of Russian oil and other energy products, effective immediately, raising worries about the impact of the decision on businesses and the global economy.

Message: Move away from fossil fuels and invest like a moon shot in sustainable energy sources instead of in pointless conflicts and corporate mollycoddling.

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Why are Japanese stocks falling when Japan is still buying ….Russian fossil fuels?

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The US only imports 6-8% of its oil from Russia! They can easily afford to ban Russian oil imports! Other countries relying on Russian oil should be careful about following the US because in the end they won’t have any supply of oil and the people will suffer as well as the collapse of their economy! Target Putin in other ways while leaving oil out of the equation!

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Normal people and normal business are going to suffer.

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TARA TAN KITAOKA-Normal people and normal business are going to suffer.

Yeah well, the "normal people and normal business" of Ukraine is suffering far far worse.

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In war, everyone loses. That is one of fundamental truths of war, even if you are not one of the warring parties.

So should the Ukrainians just roll over and let the Russians conquer them? Should the rest of the world just stand aside and let the Russians take over a sovereign nation without a word? Martin Luther King once said that " 'If a man hasn't found something he will die for, he isn't fit to live.'. Is there anything in your own life so valuable that you would risk your life to protect it?

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Thanks US for ruining the world's economy with your pathetic desperate "drama queen" repressive economic measures..

The world needs a new world order and this is soon to come..

Russia stops their invasion of Ukraine, problem solved.

USA, stop to create wars for your own benefit, stop pirately interfering with the self-determinations of other countries.

The only and big world problem solved..

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