Top carbon-fiber maker Toray says tire parts unit falsified inspection data


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Data falsification scandals in Japan are like shootings in the US. You can't look at a newspaper or online news site without seeing a new one on the front page every day.

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Frayed in Japan

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Tip of the iceberg, they all are going to come out now.

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more bald spots and "moshiwake arimasen"

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IN next weeks news headlines "Investment falls dramatically in Japan" or " confidence is at an all time low in manufacturing sectors" " government ministers are scratching there heads as to why lack of trust in japan"

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The dominos just keep falling! It's pretty safe to conclude that Japan Inc. is built on fraud!

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Now this is a mighty disgrace. On a national level. A Japanese disgrace. They want to bring the nation back to its imperial glory, but all they manage is deceiving the proper world. What a...

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Ok who is next in line?

Now this is a mighty disgrace. On a national level. A Japanese disgrace. 

Little late for this don't ya think?

The disgrace is that, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit at all, is that it's possible that the "bubble" economy and rise to prominence was based upon falsified data reporting and open collaboration between big business and government to keep it under wraps for all these years.

Japan really needs a pair of journalists like Woodward and Bernstein!

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With the Olympics on the horizon, one shudders at what's really in store.

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Apparently in the case of Toray, their Quality was beyond the Clients' requirements, so they downgraded the QA test results.

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Oh, so everyone was doing it?

Thats what happens when 80% of the bosses are bosses, not because they are excellent, but because they are old.

Here, very few people can question or dare to even hint that the boss not do something.

And these guys know it, and they used their absolute power in that way.

Now we are finding that tons of things are build on fraud.

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Glad it’s coming to light early before anything bad happens to consumers, unlike in other countries where rampant fraud only sees the light after people are killed

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Apparently in the case of Toray, their Quality was beyond the Clients' requirements, so they downgraded the QA test results.

They made clear that the strength of the materials did not meet the standards promised to customers. So how possibly your statement makes any sense?

Now the fact that they are saying that because the incorrect figures were close to the quality standards the products pose no safety or functional risks, seems to be a foolish try to play down the scandal. But specifications are made to be respected with chirurgical precision so any deviation even supposedly small is not tolerable, moreover when falsification of data is used to cover up the sloppy quality control.

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In Japan the boss is right even when hes wrong and everyone will agree until he is proven wrong through an expose’.

Then he will bow and not be punished for the years of theft (for example) and life goes on.

Obviously bows are free so this is an excellent business strategy.

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Another official shoe inspection!!!

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"The issues occurred while Sadayuki Sakakibara, current head of the Japan Business Federation, the country's most influential business lobby, served as Toray president and chairman."

the fox now guarding the chicken run?

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And apparently they had already decided they were gonna keep it quiet till the story leaked out.

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And apparently they had already decided they were gonna keep it quiet till the story leaked out.

Here's the million dollar question though...WHO leaked it?

It actually goes further really, as, why did the company decide to hold a press conference NOW and openly display their dirty laundry? Or at least this part of it?

What else could they be hiding? Openly admitting to one "problem" is used to deflect investigators from potentially other issues, and by admitting error in one, hoping to avoid any other misdeeds?!?!

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Made in Japan.

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But yet if it is an item that is being imported to Japan... they'll give it every test possible. It must be great to manufacture in Japan... just write up that it is technically better and sell it. Liability in Japan is a joke.

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After Japan followed Demming's methods of quality control, the economy boomed because of Japanese quality. If the world loses confidence in that quality, wow. It won't be good.

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How the mighty fall.

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@daito_hak - the materials didn't meet the Client's standards because they exceeded them, that's why they also said that they were safe. The problem in Japan is, that everything has to be done by the rules - so if you exceed those "rules" by being more stringent, then that would mean the rules are not tight enough... so it would be better to downplay your Quality more than it actually is, in order to meet the level being demanded from you, without causing trouble.

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Looks like the bunch of bashers on here had a good day laughing huh?  But do they have logical brains to figure out that in the event that the TOP OF THE WORLD quality of MADE IN JAPAN products does not meet Japan's highest local standards, it is STILL on TOP OF THE WORLD? Why all the noise and who cares?  Especially when it comes to such hi-tech products as carbon fibers or cord fabrics produced by the renowned Japanese firm TORAY, all the European firms from England to France, Germany, to Italy and the rest, which are NOT technologically capable of manufacturing the same products, will always be happy to procure these MADE IN JAPAN products. Without the Japanese carbon fibers, how would the European automobile firms boast that their super cars have ultra solid carbon fiber bodies?  Top of Japanese quality? Marvelous, they yell.   Bottom of Japanese quality? Still great, they say. Just Japanese quality, please, any quality, the Euro guys insist!  It's because their super cars have sturdy bodies thanks to the Japanese carbon fibers, which have truly lived up to their TOP OF THE WORLD reputation.  What if a European car firm refuses to buy Japan's carbon fibers? Well, it just cannot boast its car bodies are made up of carbon fibers!   Last year, when a rich client requested Rolls Royce to add carbon fibers to the body of his Phantom, Rolls Royce panicked and asked for an extra charge of just 5 million dollars! Why? Just to scare the client off.  Rolls Royce was afraid of losing face if it confessed it would have to buy carbon fibers from TORAY or MITSUBISHI.  Lucky for Rolls Royce, though, the client was rich but not super rich, so he backed off.  Had it been a tougher client who would not care any price tag, be it 5 million or 50 million dollars, just carbon fibers, Rolls Royce would have had a nightmare inventing another scare!

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Americans .... Every time the United States is involved in free trade negotiations these leaks come out.

This is the usual pattern.

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Looks like we've got another blind lover of Japan here.... rather than try to fix the many problems in Japan they prefer to say... well Japan is still better than such and such. How does that help the problem? Yet they will readily fault any country they do not like. Its all well and good until a Takata Air Bag kills you or someone you know. Japan gets caught lying again and its about Japan Bashers. LOL!

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Surprising and disturbing.

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Once again, widespread misconduct conducted by Japanese organizations is the perfect chance for some people to bash... foreign countries! Too funny. Talk about chip on the shoulder.

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The German do it too, remember Volkswagen emission scandal.

But there is one difference; VW paid a few billion dollars in fine and these liars Japanese manufacturers just "moshiwake arimasen with a bow". If Japan Industry ministry make a fine, maybe they will not lie!

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