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Yamato to hike parcel delivery rates for 1st time in 27 years


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I support this decision - not something I say lightly, as I use takkyubin a lot. And it's precisely because I use them a lot that I think prices should go up, to reflect the excellent services Yamato performs, and especially to support its driver-employees, who are to be applauded.

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Totally agree, Maria.

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It's time after 27 years to raise the price and pay the staff, so I have to pay more for the connivence that's why it's convenient.

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Yamato needs to raise delivery fees so as to keep itself working as "social infrastructure," Yamauchi said in announcing the parcel delivery company's reform plans.

what kind of reform they are talking about...?? Asking customers to pay for their workers "unpaid" overtime dues? ...now other transport companies and Japan Post will follow the suit?

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I also don't mind the rate increase

They do provide a great service.

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Yamato Transport will also ask major corporate clients like Amazon.com to cooperate

One way Amazon could cooperate is by not providing most items with free delivery, and by not charging for specified delivery times.

I always assumed Amazon was covering the cost of all that free delivery out of its huge profits, but now we know it's the people in the vans who are paying for it. Even a nominal charge would help, if it went to the right people and not straight into Amazon's coffers.

Amazon are also very good at sending stuff out super quick, which is fine; but if I order something and it's due to arrive the next day, it surely helps the delivery man if I can specify please don't come before lunch 'cos I'm likely to be out in the morning; as things stand, Amazon charges extra for this little courtesy which would make life easier for the delivery man.

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"Amazon’s profits for its entire existence are still less than what ExxonMobil takes home every 2.5 weeks."

Amazon is not as profitable as you think.

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et Martalmart)One way Amazon could cooperate is by not providing most items with free delivery, free delivery isnt free is just a marketing tool to get customers to buy in bulk, shipping cost is just included in the item price. While some price rises are expected I hope that Amazon will just start delivering its own goods, the more players in the market the better , more competition means lower prices for the consumers. Amazon strengths are its logistics and delivery networks ad to this its market capital of over $400billion, double that of Walmart. More than a match for all of Japans delivery companies, let hope these prices rises make it more attractive for Amazon to push harder into the J market, these price rises could actually be something to regret in the coming years.

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"nto Amazon is not as profitable as you think name me one E commerce company that is. Amaonz 400billion net capital is what gives it strength and has shown over the years is willing to sell at cost even below cost to grab market share, now nearly half of all e-commerce in the US is by Amazon. these price rises by J logistics companies my just be the thing that forces Amazon to push harder into the J market. I for one wouldnt bet against them.

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So what? Not a big deal. I saw this story over on other news sites as well. They are making it such a big deal. It's called inflation! Yamato is awesome, I don't mind a small hike.

25 years ago a coke was 50 yen. Now the newest diet coke is not only smaller (470ml) but now costs 170 yen. Over 300% price hike and not a single news story.

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I'm sorry I have to stop the Yamato love wagon, but I think Yamato sucks.

It doesn't suck as much as Sagawa, that's for sure, but it is still a crappy service, specially when compared with Seino or Japan Post.

When I was in college I worked for a while at a Yamato distribution center, and oh boy, the horror. Most of the staff were foreigners from Asia that weren't able to even speak Japanese, the superiors were prepotent assholes who made racist comments all the time, and the way the packages get treated... the way people were told to load the packages into the cages for distribution was HORRIBLE. It wasn't rare to see packages getting crushed, or being misplaced into the wrong container.

So yeah, after that experience I just avoid Yamato.

I don't care about the hike, because I don't use Yamato. I do use Amazon, but I know if Yamato prices get too high for them, they are just going to change carriers.

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Amazon you also use Yamato.

No, Amazon uses Yamato, I don't. That is why if I have any problem with the parcel, I put the blame on Amazon, not Yamato. Also, not all packages from Amazon use Yamato, since not all the products on Amazon come from the same place or seller.

I don't use Yamato, because each time I have to send parcel, I never pay for their services.

I use for the most part Japan Post, having an excellent service and very reasonable prices.

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