Amazon's Japan unit to return ¥2 bil to suppliers


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Unfortunately there is no decent competitor to Amazon. Rakuten is a disaster with spam newsletters, pages half covered in ads, inconsistent delivery and service. All the other Japanese shopping malls are just as bad as Rakuten.

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All the other Japanese shopping malls are just as bad as Rakuten.

Monotaro is quite good actually if you’re looking for DIY supplies.

I agree about Rakuten. I don’t get it either, but they sometimes have much better product information.

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Amazon is a tax dodger. They do not pay corporate tax in Japan. Profits earned in Japan are brought back to U.S. and they pay tax in U.S. They claim if they have to pay tax in Japan, it will become double taxation.

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In addition, the Japan unit asked suppliers to pay fees for system usage and marketing costs that amounted to up to 10 percent of their delivery prices, without giving detailed reasoning.

System usage fee, then Rakuten would have been out of business a long because system usage

is clearly stated in their fee structure as well as a myriad of other fees, the cheapest plan is 19,500yen

per month add other fees in and you are hitting close to 30,000yen per month.

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Amazon has completely defeated Rakuten. The Japanese government has to resort a dirty trick to hinder the foreign competitors. I warn them not to anger Trump who is very vengeful at anyone who puts the Americans at the disadvantages.

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