Dollar climbs to 115 yen; highest since March 2017


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A lot of countries around the world got screw over whenever the dollar rose. Some countries see their nation currency drop to nothing whenever someone happen to the dollar. Why the world would still rely on this unstable system is beyond me. The world rely too much on the dollar. People can see their life savings turn to nothing because of this.

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A weaker yen enables exporters to earn more if they repatriate overseas profits and helps to sharpen the competitiveness of Japan-made products abroad, but it will likely lead to higher energy and food prices in the country, squeezing households.

I'm very happy to see this latter half of the sentence; usually these reporters are fully on the side of big business and government and cheerlead for them at the expense of the working class. Finally a mention of the households who are being taken advantage of!

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@Hiro they are already too invested in USD with the amounts of bonds they already own.

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Japan really needs its ¥ to drop. Imports that get more expensive are such a small part of the lower-man's expenses.

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It might even rise to around 117 yen next year. Sad

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Now he gets his 2% inflation goal, plus a big alpha to omega. Could have helped to push exports, some cars and playstations etc for putting under the U.S. and worldwide Christmas trees, but even that, without chips and during corona. It’s getting messy, I guess , and the big massive helping trillions of yen are not even worth mentioning anymore when with no helping effect for economy and children.

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Dollar climbs to 115 yen

I predict 122 is very possible

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Market madness. Sure BoJ is printing yes, but Fed is doing way more. Dollar will eventually feel the effects of that and tank. The notion of the Fed "tightening" is just a fiction. Inflation will continue and dollar will feel the further negative effects of that too.

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Great. That's good for me since half my assets are in dollars anyway!

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This is great news for me!

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Hilarious how you all are experts in international economics while living paycheck to paycheck.

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this country economy is export oriented.sure weaker rate of yen against usd or euro may help but at what container freight costs are sky high now and good from Japan are top expensive at this moment so not competitive on market...if government wants really to help to its own export oriented eceonomy have to deal with freight companies to reduce freight costs-this will have very significant and direct impact.

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Just tell the freight companies to lower their costs!

With a snap of the fingers, the problem is solved!

A piece of cake...some here would have you believe.

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Powell has been renominated as Fed Chair. He's suddenly talking about inflation, and not as "temporary" or "transitory" like he's done in recent past.

Nominated vice chair (and Democrat's preferred pump primer, though they didn't have the votes to get her the top spot), Brainard, suddenly "worried" about inflation, too, after years of dovish support for endless QE Fed asset purchases.

Meanwhile, the Fed monthly purchasing of T-bills has fallen already, from 120 Billion per month to now at 90 Billion in December. Allow upcoming maturing bonds to pass out of the Fed's control, coupled with several rate hikes, and the dollar will definitely continue its climb upwards against the yen.

But watch out for asset bubble pops! Higher rates and less easy money means the housing and stock bubbles might go boom! Er...I mean, do a "correction". Still, the Fed's moves come too late, so CPI inflation will get worse, much worse, before it gets any better...

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This article for it totally wrong, the yen is a hedge against inflation of the US dollar.. it's why the value is going up.

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Centrally controlled currencies? Aw, well isn't that just the cutest thing

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