Financial regulators probe Tokyo Stock Exchange over outage


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Hello... It not a backup system that failed, it's the redundancy that failed. Backups can skip a beat then pickup at the missing beat, redundancy is when the beat go on and on. Seamlessly, unlike these inquiries...

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There is a conspiracy theory alleged among the Korean conservatives that President Moon and his Party won a landslide victory because of Chinese hackers. Apparently, the Chinese hackers demonstrated such ability through hacking the Office of Personnel Management of the USA in 2015. It should be no trouble for Chinese hackers to help a pro-China President of South Korea at all. With the outdated cyber infrastructure of Japan, I would see no surprise if the Chinese hacked the Tokyo Stocks Exchange and many other Japanese critical infrastructures.

China has many benefits of hacking Japan's stock exchanges. The first and most important one is to show Japan that China has power, and isn't afraid to use them. No wonder why Suga backtracks on Abe's earlier inclination of fostering anti-China policies and pro-USA policies. Two biggest announcements from Suga can be seen as victories for the CCP: Japan has no intention of excluding Huawei from its telecom network + Japan has no intention of forming a regional military alliance against China.

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A 25 person committee will get nothing done. Let’s see - is it 90%+ old Japanese men?

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"Somebody tripped over the power cord to the server..."

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Still at this stage???

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