Japan's July jobless rate falls to 2.8%; down for 2nd straight month


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Wacky statistics collection, wacky results.

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In the middle of a pandemic where countless shops and businesses are forced to close, and we are being told that unemployment is falling? I guess that goes together with the decreasing number of daily infected people in Tokyo. It seems you can just make up any statistic you like!

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 Among the total, 700,000 people voluntarily left their jobs, down 90,000, while 570,000 were laid off, up 10,000, and 480,000 were new job seekers, down 20,000.

There is the problem of translating but also of semantics: like "voluntarily left their jobs", as in what exactly? Were they offered a package in exchange for redundancy or were they retiring (possibly earlier than schedule, possibly on schedule)? This as you constantly see on TV "無職(mushoku)" or "unemployed" when talking about elderly people who obviously are "retired". Funnily enough, in Japan they have a word for "retirement / pension" but not to define "pensioners" who then become "unemployed" instead.

Also, what exactly are "new job seekers"? Are these new graduates who didn't land a job? If these are people who lost their jobs they should fall under "laid off", or are these people who lost their businesses?

Kyodo is wishy-washy (and in my book they are on purpose) but to be honest when it comes to employment / unemployment figures, it is first and foremost the government who is trying to blur as much as possible the lines and overall situation.


The government has repeatedly extended and expanded the ongoing fourth emergency, now covering 21 out of Japan's 47 prefectures, and is set to last until Sept. 12, clouding the outlook for the employment environment.

Given the situation over the fourth emergency and the spread of the Delta variant, Shimanaka says the improvement in job markets will be a "temporary" move.

"The impact of the virus emergency might have become smaller on the economy and the labor market, but undoubtedly it remains a negative factor, so the indices could begin to worsen again in August," Shimanaka said.

...makes this usual feel-gooder by Kyodo a complete non-news.

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Jobs numbers worldwide are massaged. Japan routinely prints low low numbers.

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Yeah right.

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Three things that are most unreliable in Japan.

Japan's economic figures

Japan's labor figures

Japan's accounting books
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hmmm how to say fake news in japanese?

as this is exactly kind of one...

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My son at uni does several mornings restocking shelves at his local supermarket-he is one of the employed?

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@Septim Dynasty

Things that are totally unreliable anywhere in the world.

Your words.


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Separate data from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare showed that the job availability ratio in July increased to 1.15 from 1.13 a month earlier, rising for the second month in a row, meaning that there were 115 job openings for every 100 job seekers.

On the job boards you see these positions: Every third Tuesday of the month; 8:15 to 11:45, one year contract, possibility of renewal.

Are these the positions they are counting? How long will this, and other governments , use statistical trickery to semi conceal the bleak realities of the gig economy?

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But how many hikikomori are there?

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