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Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki
Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki Image: REUTERS file

Japan says 'all options' on table to counter excessive yen moves


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But how could it be ? Isn't muh stock market hitting record high every day ?

Could it be publicly listed companies like Toyota are doing great because they are selling their products in China and making money in China ?

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Liar,liar pants on fire.

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The BOJ made a historic turn away from unorthodox monetary easing steps that had sharply weakened the Japanese currency but it plans to keep financial conditions "accommodative" to attain its 2 percent inflation target, aided by robust wage growth that can help households withstand rising prices.

No matter how many times it is repeated by authorities and media it is completely orthogonal to the lived reality of people working in Japan.

The monetary easing only inflates rentier assets. It is a subsidy for the wealthy. the labour market is moribund.

The "all options" is false. Implementing a scheme where all the tax breaks and subsidies to Japan Inc. were linked to "robust wage growth" would have created bottom up wealth growth long ago.

But that would have conflicted with the neo-feudal agenda of the comb9ne.


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Implementing a scheme where all the tax breaks and subsidies to Japan Inc. were linked to "robust wage growth" would have created bottom up wealth growth long ago.

Or Japanese companies would jump ship and move operations abroad??? There is a delicate balance here that I think we are missing as outsiders.

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Or Japanese companies would jump ship and move operations abroad

Which did not already happen with off-shoring by many companies aided by LDP tax breaks?

That is a specious, defeatist corporate accommodating argument and exactly the last thing Japanese labour has needed for decades.

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I think one of the legs has fallen off that table and the other three are looking a bit wobbly

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on the table to prevent exchange rate volatility from dealing a blow to the economy

Yeah i call total cods whallup on that announcement.

Far too late to prevent a blow to the economy !

That's a cruel announcement

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Japanese Peso collapsing just before Taro and Yuki's annual golden week trip to 'Hawai'. The old saying keep em lean and keep em keen comes to mind.

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This weakness in the value of yen does seem to indicate that the BOJ actually wants it to be weak so that Japan Inc ( Japanese companies ) benefit with making more money. They know the local people won’t have a voice loud enough to complain about their money being of such weak value since the majority of Japanese people never show their annoyance against authorities. Don’t be surprised if the yen keeps dropping in value and reaches 180-200¥ per USD by year end! It’s lost almost 25 points in the last 8 months and what’s more concerning is the greater rate at which it’s falling. Good luck to the people who are keeping their savings in yen and the Japanese people who can’t enjoy their trips abroad!

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All options that’ll never come to fruition.

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These old gits say the same thing everytime. It is meaningless and has no power whatsoever.

Nobody keeps their funds in yen, apart from that needed for everyday needs. We all invest in US Dollars, Swiss Francs and Gold. Who would keep money in the zimbabwe dollar or the same thing, the yen. Your are just throwing your money away. The yen is a useless pathetic currency and by year’s end 175 to the dollar is being forecast where I work.

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Nikkei 225 vs. US dollar is no higher than it was in Feb 2021.


In yen terms, its gone from 30,000 to 40,000, a 30% rise, during the same period.


The suggestion here is that the stock rally, much heralded in the press and credited to things like the NISA and yes the technological marvel that is AI (!!), is in fact mostly meaningless.

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All options being on a table in a room where people won't touch the table for fear of moving something doesn't mean anything at all.

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Japan is becoming an investment bank. Instead of increasing minimum wage. They prefer to push people to invest pennies in stock market with NISA. While this is welcome, they should focus more on the average Taro that doesn't have yens left to invest in stock market.

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Spring of last year I thought and still do that 150 is the magic number, now I believe 200 could be the Perfect number.

Cheep yen is Good for japan, look what it has done so far!? so why fight it?

Exporters are doing great, Inflation right on target, and gradually wages will match inflation and we are out Deflation!!?

A win win win situation!

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Take the emotion out of it; it should be 180 to the U.S. dollar.

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The entire world is in a world wind of debt, its either you are rich or poor there is no other option

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The yen is moving downwards -it’s the only way it can go…

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Plan A: Wait and hope it all blows over

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Implementing a scheme where all the tax breaks and subsidies to Japan Inc. were linked to "robust wage growth" would have created bottom up wealth growth long ago.

No way. Central planning of this style doesn’t work.

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I took a nice profit off a commodity trade yesterday.

Next week should be even better

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A weak yen cuts both ways for Japan. It boosts the overseas earnings of Japanese exporters in yen terms but it also inflates import costs, in a blow to resource-scarce Japan.

I'll give these copy-paste journalists (note the lack of an individual byline) credit: they've modified this hackneyed sentence to at least mention the weak yen's effect on import costs. Until now it was "weak yen good; who cares about the working class" all the time.

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Anyhow, intentionally deflating one's currency to boost its economy is not a solution.

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Can't they just simply make it a very rare item, for example by less printing or not letting a single Yen leaving outside, at least temporarily? That takes a few hours or a day to push the value massively up, because everyone wanting something from Japan or a company having to pay for goods, machines or services explicitly in Yen will then have to grab deep into own pocket to buy or somehow get a few ones then.

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Join the BRICK+++ and the yen(not only) will be up and away.

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doubledutch2Apr. 12 11:50 pm JST

Join the BRICK+++ and the yen(not only) will be up and away.

And replaced with the Yuan.

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