A man walks past an "au" mobile brand operator shop, of KDDI Corp, in Tokyo. Photo: AP file

KDDI mobile phone network hit by 3-hour outage across Japan


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Rubbish. Just like Softbank. Just stick with Docomo. Solid and reliable.

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Rubbish. Just like Softbank. Just stick with Docomo. Solid and reliable.

Your opinion is base on what exactly?

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Your opinion is base on what exactly?


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All mobile companies in Japan offers overly expensive contracts, for garbage overpriced service, together with hidden fees and callous overcharges for anything. Also, if you are gaijin, forget about any quality customer support.

However in this case, I am curious what kind of compensation would the AU and KDDI users would receive. This is a rhetorical question, since we already know, just like on previous cases, that the only "compensation" anyone would receive will be a fake 45 degrees, 5 seconds gomen-nassai bowing, and then business as usual.

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Used AU since it was formed. Docomo has also had many outages. I use POVO for my services which is ¥2700 per month.

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There are no more contracts. They can be ended without payment.

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AU, Softbank, docomo, they have had this.

As long people just say experience than I am sceptical because they cannot give numbers.

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A three hour disruption like this would not violate even a generous 99.9% availability promise.

Might want to check your math, over the last 2 years au has only had 99.6% availability.

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I don't use AU but had some problems with my internet as well. Would be nice to know the full scope of the outage.

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Uchujin: Of being a customer since 1996 and never having had a problem. Once DoCoMo's data went down for a while. But never calls. They were the only network that worked , if intermittent on 3/11 also.

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