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Mizuho slapped with business improvement order after system failures


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Even a kid's lemonade stand doesn't suffer eight failures in one year!

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8 times....no...a very unhappy camper inside is pulling the plug. Clean the IT side.

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The ministry of finance behaves as if they are above the tops of the bank.

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''The ministry said the bank's executives lacked knowledge of the foreign exchange and foreign trade law, which requires banks to ensure that recipients of overseas remittances are not subject to economic sanctions.''

We had a horrible experience with Mizuho, kept waiting for a long time for information about keeping foreign currency in their new internet system. The staff finally returned...with the wrong information...after another wait a manager who actually knew what he was talking about was finally dragged out from under is desk.

We've pulled all our money out of Mizuho, and I would recommend anyone else to do likewise.

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The problem is that the banks systems are run on "antique" hardware, they have put off the update for so long that the update is now extremely difficult.

Thinking of changing from Mizuho? Not so fast... The other big banks have also been kicking the can down the road for just as long and most haven't started yet.

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If in need of a mega bank account, I’m not sure of any reason not to use SMBC or MUFJ.

The net banks seem to offer decent service too with lots of services packed in.

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