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Nissan to close auto plant in China amid intensifying EV price war


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As a Musk learnt, China steals everything, so best not give them a helping hand by setting up manufacturing there.

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nissan is dead brand.

Seems to still be very alive:

13. Nissan Motor Co Ltd (TYO:7201)

Revenue: $83.11 Billion


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After subsidizing their domestic EV industry with hundreds of billions of dollars of support, at both the national and local level, other nations have no choice but to either subsidize their own industries (very expensive), or bring the price of Chinese EVs back to reality with import tariffs. The alternative is to close down the auto industries in Europe and North America. After the car markets are owned by the Chinese, they could raise the prices of EVs as high as they want, since the competition will be dead, and consumers will have no choices left.

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Nissan made the right decision and sees a bleak future as China is exceeding in the EV market.

The Beijing auto show showed some amazing EV vehicles.


Can not blame them. But Hydrogen car research has made massive breakthroughs. Japan leads in this. Toyota does. I am not sold EV's are the best option for less of a carbon foot print on globe.

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Kudos Nissan!

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Another one bites the dust. Can’t win against China’s scale of production.

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Well, if you don't move with the times, then expect to be ovetaken by other companies. Will they be shipping all their fax machines back to Japan?

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If Ghosn were there it would be successful. Nissan is evil. They fire Japanese and Chinese with bo concern for their well beings, only their inflated pretend profit lines.

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quercetumJune 22  07:47 pm JST

Another one bites the dust. Can’t win against China’s scale of production.

The world can win. China will have to consume their production without the major export markets.

"Biden unveils major China tariff hikes with EV rate to hit 100%"


"EU slaps additional duties of up to 38% on Chinese EVs"


"Japan and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations plan to create their first joint strategy on automobile production and sales within the Southeast Asian bloc to counter China's increasing presence in the electric vehicle market,"


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