Toshiba announces delay in sealing deal on chip unit sale


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Can we make visual or audio recordings there?

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Toshiba current board and the farcical reappointment of nine Toshiba executives, (allegedly) complicit with the whole sorry failure are still present on the board of directors and remarkably waved though.

Is it then any wonder investors are huffing and puffing. what possible relevance  can any present shareholder or future  investor have in  Japan's so called enhanced Corporate Governance Code?

President Satoshi Tsunakawa  slammed Western Digital's move, saying that the U.S. firm was "unreasonably meddling with the chip unit sale process".....

Clearly Satoshi Tsunakawa has yet to grasp fully the fundamental meaning behind the legality of how joint ventures are governed in the United States and the ramifications.  

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Anyone remember when "Made in Japan" was something to be proud of instead of ashamed?

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Maybe  because, "Made in Japan,"  no longer means Made in Japan?

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Sounds like Toshiba is ignoring WD

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Investing in the US means disaster. Every company should invest rather in the emerging markets, where there's the real future, or in the good old Europe, where there's still to some extent an ethic in work, and everything isn't completely handled only for the sake of the financial markets and lawyers. Japanese business is too much focused on the American market, also and especially for political reasons. When something in the US goes wrong (and this happens frequently), a company can be destroyed, because it didn't diversify its business.

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Every company should invest rather in the emerging markets

I have been hearing this for years, it is garbage advice. Brazil, India, China are these "emerging markets." Take a look at a graph of stocks in the last 2 decades for these countries vs the US.

Investing in the US is the safest bet in the world.

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Never2late: "Maybe because, "Made in Japan," no longer means Made in Japan?"

Even if that's the case, it's the choice of Japanese management. You saw this time and again with Takata as well as Olympus -- instead of looking at home and the mismanagement and coverups, people tried to blame it on the US for whistle blowing or even the deaths. Just look at Alex80, blaming this on the US. People have even gone so far as to saying some companies had "no choice but to admit wrong doing because the US had a gun to their heads to say so," when asked why they themselves admitted to falsifying data, as Toshiba and the aforementioned two, among others, have done.

So, even if 'Made in Japan' no longer literally means as much, who's fault is that?

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@Dango: this is the point, real economy isn't based on the stocks. The stocks create those bubbles like Lehman Brothers, that destroy the global economy. Here in Europe we are still paying the price of the American disaster. And yeah, even when some companies do something wrong, there's not comparison between how the US deal with their own companies, and how they deal with foreign companies. Look at the latest General Motors scandal, more the 100 deaths because of ignition problem. They should be in bankruptcy again, but they are way more protected than Japanese and European companies. There's a new entry, General Motors now is also accused of diesel emission cheating , but you can be sure it will be treated differently from WV. European and Japanese companies can be completely destroyed by the US system, that has double standards. So it's better for us Europeans to invest in other markets. The Japanese should do the same.

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When I wrote WV, I meant VW, of course. Anyway, I want to be clear: I am not justifying the misconduct of any company, not matter their nationality. But the double standard that the US adopt is blatant. In a right world, General Motors should be closed for ever, after all their disasters, but they are supported by the American government. The American automakers are less competitive globally than Japanese and European carmakers. The Americans envy the German and Japanese automotive industry since the 80s, and they can't wait for their failure. This explains why the penalties towards American carmakers are a joke compared to what European and Japanese carmakers get.

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Investing in the US is the safest bet in the world.

Have you driven a Ford lately?

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real economy isn't based on the stocks

Remind me never to take advice from you... If you had invested $1 million in the US, Brazil and India 20 years ago which one would have paid your dividend?

Nuff said

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@Dango: by investing, I mean making those markets your main clients, not the US. Both China and India are the future, the US are declining rapidly, Trump election is another confirmation of this, that is obvious to all the world. All you can think is about stocks. Anyway American economy started the great crisis with Lehman Brothers, which destroyed European economies, I don't see why it should be a safe place where to put your money. No thanks!

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Alex, ask Bill Gates and Warren Buffet if they invest in US or China

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Of course, Western Digital doesn't want one of its rivals Chip maker SK Hynix Inc. of South Korea involves in deal. So the consortium should reconsider without SK Hynix Inc. of South Korea in Toshiba's Chip unit deal.

How will Toshiba survive after sale of its most profitable chip making unit?

Some of Japanese Companies have having financial trouble after acquisition of foreign own Company in past decade and Toshiba acquisition of Westinghouse was most reckless and foolish of Toshiba Company. Also most of Japanese Companies do not understand how foreign Companies running in their country. Daiichi Sankyo had lost $ 500 million for acquisition of Ranbaxy Laboratories of India Indian pharmaceutical firm because Ranbaxy has hidden lawsuit in America from Daiichi Sankyo deal. It has cost Daiichi Sankyo $ 500 million instantly. Indian businessman is very tricky and need to extra careful. Japanese Companies were paid too much when they acquisition on foreign firm because their opponents knew how to treat Japanese negotiation team. How many Japanese Companies will become foreign own Company in future?

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