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Yen sinks to 158 range against dollar in New York


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Yen sinks to 158 range against dollar in New York

Maybe someone should tell the writer that its at 158 here in Japan, too.

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in New York time trading…

Anyway ouch.

Something’s gotta give no? (Besides the currency I mean, policy change is needed here…finally)

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Aussie dollar is now 103 to the yen. Whatever country you are from, your JPY has lost 10 to 50 percent in value over the past year compared to your own currency. Prices continue to rise here, taxes continue to rise and the BOJ continues to do nothing. Never mind trying to attract skilled workers, even unskilled ones have zero reason to come to Japan. Thank goodness all my cash is in Aussie and NZ dollars. I feel very sorry for anyone hold large amounts of yen as you have been royally screwed.

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Obviously some salty folks here who are all tied up in yen.

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The yen is such a joke, 200 to the dollar and below is coming soon. Thank god that no one holds the pathetic joke currency apart from that needed for daily life. And the j authorities do nothing as they watch their “currency” collapse.

-16 ( +8 / -24 )

One has to ask: What things could happen in the future to enable the yen to strengthen again? For example, people talk about the collapse of the U.S. dollar in the future. But does that translate to a stronger yen in relation to it? So I wonder, what events in the future could return the yen to being a stronger currency?

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And the j authorities do nothing as they watch their “currency” collapse.

Par for course. Do those oyajis ever do anything apart from sitting on their behind, drinking ocha and sucking teeth? Muzukashii naaa...Anyway, until US rates start coming down no meaningful trend change will happen.

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Obviously some salty folks here who are all tied up in yen.

Yes, about 125 million of them

The Nikkei has lost 10% in one month in USD terms. Its lost all its gain in 2024.

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The Japanese authorities are in control of the yen via interest rates and other mechanisms which are more draconian which I dare not mention as is akin to black magic.

Still, those in Japan have had plenty of time to see what is going on.

For those thinking of coming here and not well placed for a high end job should definitely think again…. very hard.

Yen weakness has persisted for a long time now and of course Japan holds vast foreign currency reserves, a great infrastructure and efficient etc etc but it means nothing without a strong political and economic reformative paradigm for the majority of the people not just the rich.

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Inflation in Japan is coming and it's going to rock us hard.

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One has to ask: What things could happen in the future to enable the yen to strengthen again?

One thing to do, would be to stop printing craptonnes of yen.

That should help.

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reformative paradigm for the majority of the people not just the rich.

It’s not like rich people love what the Japanese policy makers are doing either, it must be said.

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History happens again and again. I can recall at least three times in the history that the MOF had kept on jawboning his concerns and closely watching the falling currency with urgency but then just stop and let the Yen fall freely.

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Be honest, no one can be proud his country if its currency is felling like a stone.

-5 ( +8 / -13 )

What if all of this a ploy to get the public to vote for the LDP again?

Basically, by arguing to the people that only they can fix something that the LDP originally broke, then claim that the LDP is necessary and competent.

They are just waiting to decide who they are going to blame the problem on.

-3 ( +6 / -9 )

Agree. It is obviously the BOJ do it intentionally. He could do just a statement to reverse the falling trend but he did applause the depreciating yen for bringing benefits to the economy. He had effectively spray gasoline to a wildfire.

-3 ( +5 / -8 )

I was hopeful that BOJ governor Ueda will at least try to reverse what Kuroda and Abe did with that sham of "Abenomics" but alas he is no different. The only thing changing in Japan is the number of its old people.

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How you got downvoted for just saying the facts is unbelievable!

-5 ( +5 / -10 )

It's not doin and gloom for everyone. Exporters (most big Japanese companies )and those of us lucky enough to have exceedingly generous trust funds in £s are not complaining.

But we feel your pain, really we do.

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The chickens coming home to roost.

This is the predicted end result of the Keynesian loose money policies over the past few decades. Japan is winning.... in the race to destroy the national currency. Currency inflation("printing") coupled with the ZIRP/NIRP is the catalyst.

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should not say you are fully ready to deal with rapid depreciation if you don’t prepare to do anything. It is a misrepresentation, criminal offense.

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200 before the end of the year. Heck, probably before September. And what will it have accomplished besides record profits for a few export companies? No one will want to come work in Japan because the yen is so weak, so we'll lose a lot of opportunities. Young people will move abroad to work, so we'll have brain drain as well as losing a future workforce, domestic costs and imports, as well as taxes, will go up. Japan will slide to 5th economy in the world before year's end, and probably 10th before 2027. It'll be like when people left Japan in droves to make a MUCH better living in Brazil in the 1920s and thereabouts.

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Time to buy a lovely old house in the countryside? Cheap as chips.

Rooms galore and free space to park cars. Sell your dollar savings for it. Lunch for two at the local sushi joint, three dollars each after coupons and senior reductions. What's not to like?

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If the japan stock climbs over these months were really fueled by falling yen and yen borrowing at zero interest rate, people should start to worry as there was the first US bank failure this year over the weekend. Another wave of financial crisis is creeping toward the world financial market.

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It's only matter of time the JPY will be back in the 105 / 110 range , be patient and check the LONG term chart ...


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110 yen is a long way away, and I very much doubt it will happen without some big events changing the current situation.

It could happen, if Japan gets its act together and the US continues to ruin their public finances.

At approximately 160 now, I’ll take 200 before I take 110.

It’s risky business to gamble on reversion to the mean. The yen went from 80 to 160 for a reason…

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BOJ celebrates the Shawo Day by allowing speculators push the Yen over 160? Open my eyes!

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