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Japan's inflation slows to 2.6% in March but rate hike still likely


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"If wages rise and consumption picks up, this will give the BOJ some relief. But rising prices are inherently negative for households so we need to watch how they will affect consumption," he said.


A small word with a weighty meaning is ‘if’

Why does the BOJ need any type of ‘relief’ ?

After all they have the power to set exchange rates and create money.

The assets of the BOJ are a staggering total of

684,921,249,415 yen.

Do any of their employees ever eat instant noodles for dinner as a large number of the population in Japan likely does?

Mr Ueda surely is cognizant of the month on month fall in spending by Japanese households for over a YEAR, is he not?

And weren’t the Japanese told that deflation was the enemy in very recent history ?

Now it’s inflation-how confusing!

All I know is that the price of gas was up yesterday by 2 yen and there are lots of bargains to be had at the supermarket in discounted food as most can’t buy at full price.


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Good, little by little..


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10 eggs back down to 199 yen.

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Told ya! When they say "All options are on the table" it's because they have no plan of even touching said table at all. I can make a list of all the things I want to or hope to do, but if I don't act, none of them will happen. As usual, it's talk talk talk talk talk talk talk and no action.

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The government is fooling no one. Hesitance to raise interest rates is the acknowledgment of an asset bubble resembling the earlier 1990's. Inflation has outstripped any wage hikes over the past three years, hence the terrible stagflation. CPI excludes food and energy so the pain is real.

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The wealth gap is widening.....all planned by the elitists .... disgusting.

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Yeah right, keep trying to fool us. Wanted to change the oil for my car today but didn't. Prices went up about 70 percent in 3 months, shocking. Soon people won't be able to do the simplest things in life

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