Nissan, Mitsubishi consider stakes in Renault EV unit amid alliance talks


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Nissan Motor Co and Mitsubishi Motors Corp are considering investing in alliance partner Renault SA's new electric vehicle company Ampere

Why? Does Nissan have a 'fitness to carry money' problem? All that coin too heavy to carry? Renault/Nissan EV tech is so far behind they have no hope of being competitive.

Look at the alliance's effort for the new Megane EV. A massive complicated cooling system just for the motor. Done like an ICE automaker would do it. (Ooooh, and they're so proud of it they've patented it - LOL).

Nissan would be better off spending the money by letting its engineer sit at home and watch Munro live tear down for a year and see how Tesla does it compared to legacy ICE automakers. Day and night.

Tesla vs Ford

Tesla - the simplicity

All without even considering how Tesla's motors are much more efficient, efficiency = less conversion to wasted heat.

Forget Renault - do it yourself.

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Oh no! This will not end well as they it will blame the gaijin for their companies ills as they rush to play catch up. Come on Japan why not do what the Chinese do? Buy a few of they’re vehicle, strip it down, copy it, but make it better, and work more with Japanese battery makers.

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