Shinsei Bank rejects SBI's tender offer; set for hostile takeover


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the current 2,000 yen is too low and does not reflect the true value of the bank.

There's no such thing as "true value". Only what people perceive is the value of the company. It's also just a bank.

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Notice Regarding Reservation of Opinion on TOB for Shares of Shinsei Bank by SBI Regional Bank Holdings Co., Ltd.

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The Japanese government still owns around 20 percent of Shinsei

The government should sell those shares to SBI or whoever wants them, and pay down some debt.

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Having a bank with deposits and access to funding can even out the riskiest VC type bets ...

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Sigh. Japanese ex-bureaucrats strike again! OYajis never fail to disappoint.

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I haven't heard what SBI's plans are. They may want to use Shinsei's network to expand its own retail investment, insurance, fintech and other specific financial services, as opposed to plain old cash-based retail banking.

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Customer but not a stockholder. Only concerned about domestic services. Not accepting foreign-issued checks was a problem.

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Shinsei banking convenience is that of the stone age era, hopefully SBI will turn that around.

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SBI can do one, Shinsei is just fine.

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Hopefully SBI would reverse some of the stupid decisions shinsei made like disabling keycard access from the international plus system. The only bank to my knowledge that makes its customers access to their funds abroad impossible.

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