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Uniqlo operator, other Japanese companies to suspend business in Russia


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The operator of the Uniqlo casual clothing chain said Thursday it will temporarily close all 50 of its stores in Russia,

Fast Retailing Co's decision comes after the firm was met with a barrage of criticism on social media

Exactly what I said a few days ago: Uniqlo will come under pressure and then they will close their branches in Russia.

That is a very good decision.

Stop all buisnesses with Russia!

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It was just a matter of time that Uniqlo backflipped. They should have ceased operations in terror-state Russia a week or more ago.

I wonder if the Uniqlo CEO is still moaning about the Russians now "having no clothes to wear?

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The operator of the Uniqlo casual clothing chain said Thursday it will temporarily close all 50 of its stores in Russia, joining other global companies in suspending business operations there as Moscow's invasion of Ukraine continues.

According to the heartfelt humanitarian plea of the CEO the Russians should be walking around naked in a few days.

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So now Uniqlo is denying Russians "the right to live as we do." For shame!

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Well they certainly changed their tune fast huh? Can't even keep to their convictions under a wee bit of pressure. Should have done the right thing and suspended all operations in the first place.

2 ( +9 / -7 )

Too late Uniqlo. We know where you stand on this issue.

5 ( +11 / -6 )

Collective punishment against ordinary working people is from the playbook of a certain other country.

why does Russia take this? They should nationalize any company that leaves and freeze the assets.

-5 ( +4 / -9 )

They should change their name to Fast Backtracking.

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There is more than a whiff/pong of sleazy, opportunism, profiteering, from Tadashi Yanai business practices Fast Retailing/subsidiary Uniqlo.

From Tadashi Yanai allegedly ignoring human right abuses of sweatshop labor practices to wage theft. (India)

Or Hong Kong-based NGO Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) undercover operation in China. The subsequent report found/described shocking sweatshop working conditions 

Chinese contractors of Fast Retailing allegedly resorted/used violence and intimidation to quell any decent.

Now why do I suggest that Fast Retailing/subsidiary Uniqlo wouldn't hesitate in resorting to profiteering from Ukraine war, when the opportunity presented itself?

Remember that, when walking past a Uniqlo store in Japan, walk on by.

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Yanai dasai! Too late! Everyone knows what kind of company it is now.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

ok,,@Eastman. We get from every thread that you support Russia. It's boring and you are not going to get a lot of sympathy here. Yes, the average Russian does not deserve to suffer, but it leaves it up to them to overthrow their Government doesn't it? If they don't want to do that then I assume they'll just get on with life and take it on the chin.

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What this murderous episode in the history of modern civilization say is that global corporate elites and their profits prevails over humanity. It is wrong on so many level, and the fact it is allowed to prevail by leaders of the freeworld and the authoritarian worlds with China at the centre of this evil focrum (being the epic centre of global supply chain) speak volumes about how far humanity has descended from its peak.

If we don't stop China, we have no chance of convincing our own greed driven corporations from participating in this crime against humanity. Eventually we will all suffer the same fate as that of Ukrainian.

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They just made a public statement 2 days ago defending their decision to continue business in Russia and now they change their mind?

Their incentive has nothing to do with Ukraine and punishing Russia and everything to do with them being embarrassed to be the only company staying.

That is very poor leadership.

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Autismo, capitulating to the masses is called Democracy!

Taking an elitist, sneering and demeaning attitude to “the masses” as if they were by definition inferior in judgement to you clearly shows your contempt for the principles of Democracy. Condemning acts of moral turpitude is entirely justified and the fact that a large number of people do so merely demonstrates that many individuals have a moral compass unlike the greed centred corporate executive's.

Pity this decision taken unwillingly under pressure could not have been their immediate default position!

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It’s called a Uni-turn...

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