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NTT to make Docomo fully owned subsidiary via ¥4 tril tender offer


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Even before becoming leader, Suga repeatedly criticized Japan's major wireless carriers for maintaining an oligopoly.

And how is the nations largest domestic carrier, and owner of just about all the hardlines in Japan, taking over the largest cell phone provider going to change this?

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Overpriced and gauging all customers including its competition since the competition in name only has to use the NTT hard lines in the first place. It's all one big rip-off.

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Dont forget too that the Japanese government is NT&T's largest shareholder, with roughly 33% of all it's stock.

NT&T and KDD used to be government "owned" until they went private, just like the post office, and the government controls the stock as the largest shareholder.

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industry faces challenges in rolling out 5G networks

As much as I dislike the wireless carriers here, I can't blame the lack of 5G on them. The Japanese government withheld access to it for too long and now Japan is lagging behind the rest of the world in 5G access.

Can't provide 5G services when the government wouldn't give them access to the spectrum.

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With Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga pushing for significant cuts in smartphone service fees

He complains about an oligopoly, but then does nothing about that other than complain about prices.

Government should have have no role in setting prices. It should focus on promoting competition. Failing at that to date is no excuse for not succeeding.

Personally I think much of this is a lack of interest from consumers in changing to cheaper providers. I am with a cheap plan and no complaints from me at all. Under coronavirus I use the services less these days too.

Rather than pester businesses with price setting demands, I’d rather the govt promoted knowledge of cheap plans that are available. If consumers can’t be bothered changing to cheaper plans themselves the the government should just accept it and focus efforts elsewhere.

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With sky high prices I guess NTT has the cash to throw around; a bit like Son and his SoftBank.

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This deal smells of companies investing in themselves (a rose by another name) to hide profits or liquid assets.

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NTT monopoly must be STOPPED, this basic monthly charge must END.

Consumers should only pay for what they consume. NO basic charges should be allowed in this rigged system.

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I am switching to UQ next month, 2,980jpy for 10GB,plus 500jpy for 60 minutes of talking. now I am paying 8,000 jpy for 5GB and 4 minutes of talking with DoCo hell Mo.

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With sky high prices I guess NTT has the cash to throw around; a bit like Son and his SoftBank.

SoftBank is gradually being taken over by foreigners.

What worse is that Paul Singer and his vulture friends are joining the game to take over both SoftBank and Vision Fund. If you studied the history of vulture funds and Paul Singer, they aren't kind at all. They are like Hunnic hordes taking over national infrastructures and assets to exort money or political change from those nations.

Masayoshi Son is so scared that he has been discussing the solution of going private to protect Japanese control over the company.

Paul Singer is a political player who has a close friendship with Donald Trump. If Trump gets re-elected in the November, then he could help out Paul Singer to force Japan not intervening at American takeovers of Japanese companies.

The Japanese government fears the huge repurcussions if SoftBank becomes American. As you already see, American capitalists like to charge things at the huge price tags. Suga's plan is to lower the prices, and only nationalization can achieve this plan. Suga fears that Japan may not stand a chance against the American version of SoftBank who will likely monopolize the whole market.

Simply, just take a look at GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) who completely dominated the whole Internet sectors (search engine to e-commerce), while the J-govt can't make any of them to comply and pay taxes. Even the Vietnamese government actually forced Google and Facebook to censor posts and give the Internet control over the VCP, while Japan simply can't. Recently, Rakuten lost its crown against Amazon JP, and gradually loses its market share as we speak. SoftBank (USA) is going to be quite heart-attacking for the nationalist oyajis.

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Wow, a 40% premium on the share price. Was that necessary?

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Oh the dinosaurs of NTT and Docomo.

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